bored-to-death-season-three-premieresThe countdown is almost over. This week are two great shows coming back (two of my favourites at least), and I already told you about Psych season six premiere next Wednesday, now I´m here to talk a little bit about Bored to Death season three premiere on HBO, Monday October 10 at 9PM.

I have to say that folks at HBO followed one of my traditions in terms of talking about a show:

I did last year an article called: 10 reasons to watch Bored to Death, and now they launched a lookbook called 13 reasons to get excited about Bored to Death returning.

13 reasons to watch Bored to Death by HBO:

13 – They never use ass doubles
12 – Finally, a father figure we can get behind
11 – Sometimes, they have real actors on the show
10- Other shows don´t have Moby Dick jokes
9 – Jason Schwartzman is badass
8 – No infants were harmed in the filming of this series
7 – Face it. Zach Galifianakis can do any project he wants now. And he chooses to do this show. That´s gotta tell you something
6 – Everything is better with Bacon
5 – Smokin´hot guest stars
4 – You haven´t been this excited about a threesome since college
3 – There might be more spanking
2 – You´ve been hoping for another Three Men and a Baby sequel
1 – Everyone loves a private dick joke

The third season premiere episode of Bored to Death is called The Blonde in the Woods, and I have a couple of videos of it

What do you think? Will you watch season three premiere of Bored to Death on HBO October 10 9 PM? Let me know in the comments section.

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