h8r-cancelled-renewed-cwOur lists for renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011,get bigger. even though most news lately come in the sitcom department, a couple of them have been about dramas, namely The Playboy Club cancellation, and non scripted, like MasterChef renewal, among others.

In this case what everyone was probably expecting to see; the strange, specially for broadcasting TV, show H8R getting cancelled by The CW after only a handful of episodes.

The show was really languidecent in the ratings, with only 0,4 in the demo, and 1,1 million viewers total, and it´s no surprise those numbers are not earning the show a comeback.

The program featured celebrities confronting someone critical of their success, career, lifestyle, or fame and try to convince them that their animosity is misdirected, and hopefully win them over.

The series booked more than 20 celebrities for the first season, including, Kat Von D, Eva Longoria and Barry Bonds. Should H8R had not been canceled they had offers out to more. They were also hoping to get Sarah Palin, Joan Rivers, Mel Gibson and Lady Gaga to appear

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