Braxton Family Values, the show that follows pop star Toni Braxton and her family is back with new episodes on Tuesdays 9 PM on WeTV; and the show´s back in May 3rd. And here all the Braxton Family Values spoilers for may episodes.

On Tuesday, May 3 at 9pm ET/PT, Toni travels to L.A. to receive an award for her work with Lupus where she finally opens up about her battle with the chronic, autoimmune disease.  Meanwhile, Tamar tries to “fix” Traci and Evelyn, now that they’re staying with her in her L.A. home.

In L.A., the sisters bunk at Tamar and Vince’s mansion, and Tamar wastes no time in laying down some house rules:

TAMAR- “No singing in the house unless I ask you to harmonize. I don’t want my house turning into no Von Trapp family thing!”

She also has some plans for her family members, including charm school for Traci, Botox for mom Evelyn, and spray tanning for Toni:

TAMAR- “I love spray tanning. You know that glow, that aura, that Jesus got around him? That’s pretty much what I look like after I go tanning for the 3rd time.”

And finally, when financial issues get brought to the forefront, Toni has an emotional breakdown:

TAMAR (to Trina, about charging Toni for singing backup in her shows)- “That is the most selfish asinine, meanest, dirty low down to the ground thing I have ever SEEN.”

TONI (crying)- I don’t wanna talk about that.

TAMAR- To my surprise- Toni Braxton has a breakdown. She never cries. She never shows her emotions. She always act like she’s cool and everything’s gonna be good and she has everything under control, but she really did lose it.

Then, on the episode airing Tuesday, May 10 at 9pm ET/PT, Toni displays some nervousness about performing at a concert in Moscow.  Towanda is forced to sing back up for Toni when Tamar backs out at the last minute; plus Trina’s marriage is up in the air with Gabe as she leaves for Russia.

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