breaking-bad-season-finale-amcThis Labor Day Weekend two shows on AMC are reaching season finales: Breaking Bad and Small Town Security.

On the eighth and final episode this year of “Breaking Bad,” “Gliding Over All,” airing Sunday, September 2nd at 10pm ET/PT, Walt ties up loose ends and while seeing the evidence of his success, he makes a startling and dangerous decision.
Over the past five seasons, “Breaking Bad” has been heralded as one of the best TV dramas on television. USA Today said, “As hard and sharp and brilliant as a diamond, and in the TV landscape, just as valuable. And, with only 16 episodes left, almost as rare.” The New York Post said, “the best antihero on television. Not just today, but ever.” People Magazine called it, “the best TV drama ever… Bad has taken the complexity of modern television storytelling to new levels.” The Toronto Star states, “the beginning of the end for the best show on television.”
small-town-security-season-finale-amcThen, at 11pm ET/PT on the finale of “Small Town Security,” titled “Lieutenant Croft’s Release,” the Chief urges the Lt. to work on his love life, or at least his sex life. And while the Chief is busy promoting her local TV show, Brian lets Christa take the lead on a sketchy process serve.
“Small Town Security” is AMC’s new unscripted series. The Associated Press calls “Small Town Security” “as unexpected in its own way as is ‘Breaking Bad’ with its bizarrely scripted twists” and “bristled with authenticity even as it feels deliriously (and sometimes hilariously) hyper-real with its larger-than-life characters.” The series was also praised by Common Sense Media, which said that “‘Small Town Security’ treats its subjects with delicacy and respect, lending sweetness to a show that could have been “Reno 911!”-ish.” Executive produced by Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver from Left/Right (“This American Life,” “Boomtown,” “Mob Wives”), season one consists of eight, half-hour episodes.