get-to-work-marathon-sundanceAnother Marathon for Labor Day to check out, besides Starz Comedy Marathon, and Encore Superheroes Marathon. In the spirit of Labor Day, Sundance Channel will air back-to-back episodes of the new unscripted series, “Get to Work” on Monday, September 3 beginning at 7PM ET/PT. The series takes viewers inside a hardcore back-to-work boot camp that serves the chronically unemployed – jobless, directionless and frequently hopeless – people who are just clinging on for survival. In the wake of the economic downturn and record unemployment numbers, “Get To Work” offers a fresh approach to real, lasting change.

Get To Work: Episode 101 “Walking That Beam”

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM HD
At the San Diego branch of a back-to-work boot camp called Strive, three self-destructing job seekers face tough love or tough luck. After a wasted life of crime, Bobby needs to step it up and provide for his fiancee and daughter. Running away from responsibility one more time would mean the end of his family. If it wasn’t for his record, Adam thinks he could get any job out there. Does this well of confidence spell success or utter delusion? Either way, not completing this program means he may go back to jail. Angela has been a leader all her life, from soccer star to college graduate … all until addiction destroyed her life. She’ll have to learn the hard way that getting a job means being a team player.

Get To Work: Episode 102 “Stand and Deliver”

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM HD
At a job training program called Strive, instructors Rob, Chase and Veronica push their students to the limit in order to correct their bad attitudes and lack of professionalism. Andre has been homeless for a year, hustling and stealing to survive. Despite his situation, he shows up full of false bravado and juvenile behaviors. But, when he is elected to direct the class play, he must quickly learn to stop being “the man” and just man up. Having been teased his whole life, Jose is painfully shy. If he doesn’t gain the confidence to express himself in an interview, he’ll never get a job. Dawn has 20 years of good work experience but the same amount of time being a drug addict. Sober for just a month, she needs to graduate the program or lose custody of her 8 year old daughter. Is she ready to handle the pressures of the work environment, or will the trainers opt to release her from the class?

Get To Work: Episode 103 “Don’t Get Comfortable”

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM HD
Three unemployed people with hard knock histories try to learn proper workplace attitudes at a back-to-work boot camp. But can any of them put their miseries and mistakes behind them to make a fresh start? Alicia grew up alone and mistreated in a foster home, turning her into a young woman ready to battle authority. But putting up her defenses has gotten her fired from job after job. Patrick began life as the golden boy of his family, but drug addiction and homelessness shattered their dreams of a bright future. If he doesn’t stay sober and graduate, he may never regain his mother’s trust. Ivan is an immigrant from Burundi whose American dream turned into a nightmare. Instead of a promising new life, he ended up in jail. Now he must learn to play by the rules of a new culture or face more rough times ahead.

Get To Work: Episode 104 “Pressure Does Two Things”

Three job seekers hope for a fresh start as they struggle through a back-to-work boot camp called Strive. Can Job Trainers, Rob and Chase, change the destructive behaviors that brought them to this crossroads, or will they stay trapped by their own failings? For Helen, drug addiction was a downward spiral. She stole cars, spent years in jail, and, worse, neglected her two children. Now she hopes to turn her life around and be the mom her kids deserve. Lacking self esteem, Helen needs to step it up quickly or lose their faith for good. Unlike Helen, Brian has confidence to spare. But this arrogance is preventing him from staying employed. If he can’t learn to be humble, his Strive peers may vote him out of the program. Lacking self control, Quincy can’t seem to manage his bad temper. He fears he will be out on the streets if he doesn’t graduate, but will the rigors of boot camp prove too much?