step-up-to-bullying-do-somethingBullying sucks. And there´s an ongoing campaign cakked Step Up to Bullying, that´s why Actress Brittany Snow and Vinny Guadagnino from MTV’s Jersey Shore join forces with and Popcorn, Indiana to shoot public service announcements (PSA) for the campaign.
More than 160,000 kids stay home from school each day to avoid being bullied, but intervening can make a difference. Studies show that when bystanders witness bullying and step up, the bullying usually stops  within about 10 seconds. Teens who participate by creating an “upstander” profile on the Step Up to Bullying website will receive customized footprint decals to show exactly where they stepped up to stop bullying in their schools and communities. The footprints can be placed anywhere – sidewalks, driveways, hallways, stairwells, and beyond! Young people are encouraged to post photos of their footprints on the campaign microsite (
The campaign’s celebrity spokespeople are both passionate about the cause: Brittany Snow is a major advocate of stopping teen bullying. She started a movement called Love is Louder with The Jed Foundation and MTV to build on the outpouring of online support after multiple teenagers committed suicide in September 2010. Brittany hopes to get across the critical message that love and support is more powerful than the external and internal voices that bring teens down and make them feel hopeless.
Vinny Guadagnino was bullied as a kid and identifies with those who get harassed in school. He wants to let people know it’s never OK to bully someone, so he is encouraging teens to step up, and stop bullying in its tracks.

Vinny´s video for Step Up To Bullying

Brittany Snow´s video for Step Up To Bullying