24_Hours_in_A&E-cancelled-renewed-channel-fourMore new information to add to our lists of renewed shows on 2011 and cancelled shows on 2011. This is something interesting, since Channel 4 renewed 24 hours in A&E, by getting comissioned for a second part run of the show.
The renewal order for 24 hours in A&E is for a 14 episode run that will be trasmitted in 2012.
In this case A&E does not mean the channel A&E, instead it´s the British way of saying ER. It´s A&E (Accident and Emergency).

What is 24 hours in A&E about? Plot Synopsis

24 Hours in A&E is a British medical documentary set in King’s College Hospital. 70 cameras filmed round the clock for 28 days, 24 hours a day in A&E (Accident and Emergency) it offered unprecedented access to one of Britain’s busiest A&E departments.
Filmed at King’s College Hospital over a period of 28 days, ’24 Hours in A&E’ consists of 14, one hour episodes filmed using 70 fixed cameras. The documentary series is the largest Channel 4 has ever made.

The series enables viewers to see the unique set of challenges – including the highs and lows – that King’s A&E staff face as they treat the 350 patients that come through its doors every day.

The programmes show the way the staff work together as a team to treat seriously ill patients involved in road traffic accidents and violent assaults, as well as those patients accessing treatment for minor injuries such as scrapes and cuts and bruises.

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