bros-by-bravo-videosSo you thought Bravo was all about the ladies? With all those Real Housewives shows and all the following Bethenny around? Well, you got it wrong, then. Bros by Bravo proves it. In this series of videos you can see how not only do real men watch Real Housewives, but they gossip over “Bropauxs,” DVR Bethenny Ever After, and have difficulty pronouncing “Cumin.”

So, is #BrosbyBravo the next frontier for the leading network in unscripted programming? We don´t know for sure, but we can see some videos featuring comedian and television personality Sherrod Smalls.

Watch #BrosbyBravo – Married Life Calls… video

Watch #BrosbyBravo – Smack Talk Bropaux video

Watch #BrosbyBravo – Got Dip? video

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