burn-notice-hot-property-recap-spoilers-michael-westen-fiona-quotesOne of the best spy shows ever came back last week with an episode called Eyes Open, and yesterday, Burn Notice aired a whole new episode called Hot Property in which Michael plots a break-in at a local police department to get to the confidential files stored there that might have info on the guys who burned him.

Quotes from Burn Notice S04E14 Hot Property

Michael: Police officers uphold the chain of command as sacred. Act as if you are in charge, and someone new to the force won´t question your authority

Sam: Did I ever tell you you are the reason why I drink Mikey?

Michael: You work with a guy eight years and don´t know how to motivate him to do something quietly?
Jesse: You mean blackmailing him?

Maddie: You just got shot!
Michael, Yes, but thanks to Jesse, just in the right spot

Jesse: You are not the one I have the issue with. We are cool

Stuart: What is he? Your muscle?
Fiona: No. I have plenty of muscle. He´s more like a sidekick

Michael: A blackmail may be effective in time, but it´s never fun

Fiona: I got a thing for lost little sisters

Natalie: Whatever you may have heard, there is still some honor among thieves

Maddie: Is that a stroller?
Fiona: Don´t get any ideas
Maddie: You won´t get baby fever from me. Michael´s too busy running around carrying a gun to take care of a hamster, much less a baby

Maddie: Don´t patronize me sweetie. Remember I used to ride Michael around in one of these

Marv: You are about to ask me for five million bucks, aren´t you?
Jesse: Yes

Marv: Why isn´t anything ever easy with you Jess?

Sam: I let a Psycho get away with a chemical weapon. Who´s else fault would it be?

Michael: When a spy finds a listening device, the last thing he does is turning it off

Michael: I´m doing it quietly
Fiona: Well, if quietly doesn´t work. We´re coming in making some noise

Marv: Here. 5 million dollars. Cash. And don´t say I never give you anything

Recap from Burn Notice S04E14 Hot Property

Recap by WerewolfBarMitzvah

Michael plots a break-in at a local police department to get to the confidential files stored there that might have info on the guys who burned him. Sam tells him “no action-guy stuff.” He goes in pretending to be a neighborhood watch guy meeting with a cop. He breaks into the room with the files, gets what he needs and — while the cops figure out someone is inside unauthorized, Michael makes his escape by dressing as a cop and barking out orders. Sam drives him away.

Michael and Jesse’s uneasy partnership continues, but they’re getting by. Michael stole all recent e-mails sent by Walsh, the guy who stole the bible, which lists all the people involved in burning Michael. In the e-mails they discover that Walsh appears to be auctioning off the list. Michael asks if Jesse’s old handler, Marv, might help them. He suggests blackmailing him. Jesse gets up to go work a job with Fiona, and Michael wonders why she didn’t call him.

Jesse meets up with Fi and tells her it hurt when he found out she’d been lying to him. He assures her she’s not the one he has an issue with. They’re meeting with Stuart, a man who tried to buy a gun from a friend of hers. Instead of giving Stuart the gun, though, her friend gave him her number because Stewart seemed so upset. They meet Stuart and learn that his sister has gotten involved with a Venezuelan diplomat who he doesn’t trust and thinks is a drug dealer. She moved to Caracas and started getting abused. Stuart went there and brought her home, but the man found them in Miami and is now holding her prisoner. Stuart wants to protect her.

Sam calls Marv to initiate the blackmail attempt. He says he’s a private eye and spouts off information about a tryst Marv had with a woman in 2003. Marv agrees to meet with him to handle it.

Jesse and Fi watch Marco, the Venezuelan man’s security team. Fi wants to get a tour of the place by force. Instead, Jesse stages a car accident in front of the lavish house and makes his way into the gated property while shouting about the crash and carefully observing the security setup. He walks right into the house, saying he has to use the phone. Marco hands him a wad of bills and when Jesse still refuses to leave, Marco convinces him by pointing a gun to his head. Jesse leaves.

Back at the loft, Jesse lays out the floorplan of the place based on what he saw. Michael comes in and wants to help. Michael thinks the heightened security means it’s something “more than just a boyfriend who can’t let go.” They go to visit Stuart, who might have more information.

Stuart claims he doesn’t know what’s going on. Suddenly, silenced gunshots take Stuart down and Michael, Fi and Jesse turn around to find Natalie, a thief who once stole Barry’s ledger, pointing a gun at them. She says Stuart was lying about having a sister. She says she picked him up in Boca, where he was scamming cancer patients. She praises Jesse on his work scouting the compound. She’s also holding Fi’s own gun, which she took out of her car and can use as leverage to frame Fi for Stuart’s murder if they don’t cooperate. Natalie explains that she got a job to steal something from some Venezuelans. She did, and when it turned out to be a chemical weapon, she decided to steal it back. She wants Michael, Fi and Jesse’s help, and Michael agrees.

Sam says Natalie’s story checks out. Fi doesn’t like the idea of working with Natalie, but Michael says they have no choice.

Sam and Michael meet with her. She shows them the details of the chemical weapon, Novichok, which Sam says makes mustard gas look like cologne. Michael says they can try to get them to bring the weapon out by convincing them there’s something dangerous inside that required an evacuation. She agrees to give Fi’s gun back when the operation is done.

Fi sets up some a pump for some THT, the additive used to give natural gas a scent, which they’re going to use to tell Marco and his gang that there is a gas leak inside their compound. Maddy finds Fi and says she wants Fi’s help clearing things up between Michael and Jesse.

Sam meets with Marv and Jesse shows up to ask for Marv’s help. Jesse says the last time Marv helped him, he took down Drake Technologies. Marv is willing to help. Jesse tells Marv about the auction and that he needs to know who is attending the auction, when and where. Marv says he’ll look into it.

Michael and Jesse stake out the compound with Natalie. They watch Fi sneaks up to the house to begin pumping the THT in. Sam, meanwhile, plays gas company man and tells one of the guards there’s a gas leak. The guard radios someone and says they should move the case. Some men begin moving a massive safe out of a shed when Marco comes up and stops them. He says they have orders to stay put and he doesn’t like the timing of this “gas leak.” Marco says, in Spanish, that he can’t risk it being stolen. Sam takes the signal and leaves while Michael watches.

One of Marco’s men sees Fi near the house and stops her. He asks her for ID and wants to know why she has a stroller and no baby. Michael wants to run in to save Fi, but Natalie says she can help. She approaches and pretends that Fi stole her $500 stroller, and they commence to fight right in front of the guard, who is stunned and asks them to leave.

Fi and Michael share their plan to steal the weapon. It’s good, but includes a water saw to cut through the safe. Natalie says that will take too long and they should use a thermal lance, which she can get and can use. Seeing that Michael and Fi still don’t trust her, she gives Fi her gun to ensure they’re on the same side.

Jesse meets with Marv, who is worried Jesse will retaliate if he doesn’t provide information. Jesse realizes Marv is recording the conversation. He says he’s just trying to protect himself, but Jesse says he’s not going to blackmail him. Getting on with the information, Marv says Walsh’s e-mails were sent to brokers, arms dealers and some “ex-spook who’s into crypto-intelligence.” He says the auction is in Santo Domingo in two weeks. He says it’ll take $5 million in an escrow account to get a seat at the auction. Jesse asks Marv to get some funds from the Federal Reserve.

The heist is in effect just before dawn. Fi shoots out the flood lights around the compound from a distance. Using spray insulation, Michael and Jesse quiet any sirens that would go off. They Taser two guards and open the shed and Natalie shows up with the thermal lance. It works. Michael grabs a briefcase and runs, tossing it over a fence to Sam. They start the getaway but the lance set the shed on fire and more of Marco’s men come outside to see what’s going on. As they jump the fence, Natalie has trouble, falls and breaks her ankle. She tells Jesse to leave and says she’ll sneak out after the men leave the property in pursuit of the briefcase. Jesse leaves.

It’s daytime and Sam drives off, thinking he’s free and clear. He drives over a freshly paved pothole, which explodes. Dazed, Sam gets out of his car and sees the briefcase on the ground nearby. He goes to get it and his car is peppered with gunshots. It’s Natalie. He tells her she’ll be in a world of hurt if she takes it, and that the FBI and military will come raining down on her. She says $20 million will buy her “a hell of an umbrella,” picks up the briefcase and runs away.

Michael realizes that the only way Natalie knew where Sam was heading was if she’d planted a listening device in Michael’s shoe when they ate lunch at a Japanese restaurant where they had to remove their shoes. Michael says it isn’t much to go on, but the listening device might help them track her down because she’ll still be listening to learn their next move. He wants to try to convince her she doesn’t have the real case so she’ll show herself.

Back at the loft, Michael finds the shoe that has the device in it. He and Sam stage a conversation in which Sam says the decoy briefcase was in the passenger’s seat and the real one was in the trunk of the car. They give some information about where the handoff of the real weapon is going to take place, and we see Natalie make a U-turn to head there.

Fi gets a replica briefcase and she and Jesse get to work on making some kind of chemical solution that will pass for the weapon if tested in the field.

Jesse waits for Natalie to pick up the new, fake briefcase, which has a tracking device in it. They follow Natalie to her warehouse, where she’s checking out both briefcases. She asks Michael to tell her whether the black or silver case is the real one. He doesn’t tell her, but Michael knows it’s the black one, because Fiona brought the silver one.

Natalie tells Michael his timing sucks because her buyers have arrived. Several men show up suddenly and Carl, the leader, asks who Michael is. Natalie says he’s trying to interrupt the transaction. Michael points his gun at the can of Novichok agent. Natalie says he’s bluffing and he warns them to try him. One man pulls a gun and Michael shoots the fake canister, which is full of tear gas and pesticides. Everyone scatters. Fi and Sam catch Natalie and she’s leaving and Michael grabs the real canister.

Sam tells Natalie to call the feds and cooperate.

Marv brings $5 million cash to Jesse, but tells him that if he so much as buys a latte with it at the airport, they’re in a world of trouble. Marv suddenly asks Jesse if he can trust Michael Westen and Jesse says it’s a complicated question. He thanks Marv for the help.

Fi calls Jesse and asks him to meet for lunch at the Carlito. He agrees. When he arrives, he finds Fi and Maddy, and Michael, who says it wasn’t his idea. Fi admits that Maddy wanted to get them all together. She tells Jesse to shut up and sit down.

She tells them that if they don’t start trusting each other, “somebody is going to end up dead.” She tells Jesse to get over what MIchael did, ruining his life, because he was trying to do something good. She turns to Michael and says that Jesse shot him in the chest while trying to save his life. “Deal with it,” she says.

“I’m not talking about closure,” she says. “I’m talking about good, old-fashioned gutting it out.” She tells them to suck it up and move. She tells them to shake hands, whether they’re good with it or not. She leaves them alone to talk.

Jesse tells Michael his mom is good. They decide to have lunch and start planning.

“We have an auction to crash, Jesse,” he says.

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