breaking-in-canceled-renewedWe live in this blog for all the renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011, reviewing each and every one of them, stating the reasons and all, but with this one I have to admit I´m a bit lost.

It´s been greenlit, then cancelled, then given a full order, then cancelled, and now Breaking In gets renewed for a 13 episodes mid season order.

This has become extra strange, because it marks only the second time ever a show defies cancellation twice, only happening before with Family Guy. Now, the recently renewed Breaking In earns a 13 episode run and is a part of a bigger deal with series producer Sony Pictures TV, thus not leaving clear if this Lazarus-like coming back to live from the deads of the show is just a compliment to the creators and an upper hand in the negotiations to land the other Happy Madison Adam Goldberg´s show, or if it´s a serious bet by Fox to renew Breaking In. Only time will tell, and there are also other things factoring in since Odette Annable joined House as a regular for the season, and will also be back on Breaking In.

We´ll have to see how the odds turn out this time, but the show has definitely fought to keep its slot. Now time will tell.

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