hgtvd-design-star-hgtvd-recapAnother HGTV Design Star episode aired and here´s all the scoop in the recap.
The episode was called “You´ve Been HGTV´d”, and the Guest Judge was John Gidding.
6 down, and 6 finalists left standing, who competed in Week 6.
This week the six remaining finalists must complete a dynamic HGTV´d home makeover for one of the network´s biggest fans! Having just three days to complete his or her mission, each finalist designed a separate room in one lucky family´s home Meg: foyer; Mark: formal living + dining room; Kevin: family room; Karl: master bedroom; Leslie: children´s bedroom 1; Kellie: children´s bedroom 2. The twist? A surprise DOUBLE elimination! HGTV´d host John Gidding joined Vern and Genevieve as a guest judge.

Who were the worst designs this week on HGTV Design Star?

**ELIMINATED: Leslie: Personality Crisis?
The panelists agreed there were a lot of crazy moments and mismatched themes in children´s bedroom 2. We saw an overabundance of personality (John Gidding) and a disjointed camera challenge (Vern Yip), but, ultimately, it was Leslie´s lack of focus and attention to professional detail that cost her the game.

**ELIMINATED: Kevin: Spaced Out!
Kevin´s family room had some nice elements, including a well-placed piece of artwork and a wooden mantel hung on a much-improved fireplace wall; however, the judges did not approve of his disastrous and confusing furniture positioning. You seem to have a real weakness with space planning. (John Gidding) As if that weren´t enough, Kevin´s dramatically over-excited on camera challenge pushed him right out of the competition.

Meg: Fun House?
Although John Gidding praised her genuine personality in this week´s camera challenge, he thought the landing in Meg´s foyer seemed a little incomplete. Racing against the clock, she mistakenly hung a crooked lantern bouquet, which did not go unnoticed. This isn´t a fun house. (Vern Yip)

Kellie: Ignorance Ain´t Bliss!
Kellie ignored the homeowner´s request for a sports locker and bunk beds in children´s bedroom 2; however, the panelists liked the secret soccer nook she created under a custom bed frame quite a bit. That was a close one!

Who were the best designs this week on HGTV Design Star?

**WINNER: Karl: Romancing The Home!
Designing a romantic space for both a man and a woman was no problem for Karl, who paid special attention to detail, such as with his using traditional molding and rich window treatments. He even found a man-friendly chandelier! To top it all off, Karl´s camera challenge reveal with the family was as natural as could be. Bravo! (Genevieve Gorder)

Mark: Sounds Good!
Mark hung a lovely handmade installation of vinyl records as a backdrop in the spacious living room, taking cues again from the couple´s personal interests — this time a passion for jazz music. His success continued in the dining room, which was wonderfully separated by a handmade wooden fence. John Gidding especially loved all the raw natural materials in the space. I could live in this room. (John Gidding)

What´s coming on the next HGTV Design Star?

The Nate Berkus Look For Less Makeover (Episode 608)
Guest Judge: Nate Berkus, designer and talk show host
Each finalist is assigned to decorate a studio apartment from top to bottom with minimal furnishings and a maximum budget of $2500. Judges Genevieve Gorder and Vern Yip will visit the spaces with designer and talk show host Nate Berkus. During the episode, the finalists find out they will appear on Nate´s nationally syndicated television show, where they will have to complete the on-camera challenge of presenting a look for less design demonstration.

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