onion-sports-dome-cancelled-renewed-comedy-centralThe cancellations are coming from everywhere, and now it´s time for Comedy Central to put out the axe.

Comedy Central cancels Onion Sports Dome after the show wrapped up the first season with little success in the numbers in March 15.

The series premiere was around million and a half viewers, and then dropping from there to a little below the million mark, making 0,5 in the adult demo; the network then replaced the show with Norm MacDonald´s vehicle, putting Onion SportsDome in hiatus and fate to be announced, well, joining Sports Show with Norm MacDonald cancellation, Onion Sports Dome gets cancelled by Comedy Central.

Unlike the other Onion franchise show, Onion News Network that got renewed by IFC, Onion Sports Dome gets cancelled and should surprise no one.

The show had its moments when you watched it, but it was far from being solid, and the ratings were subpar, especially considering they were paired with Comedy Central´s biggest hit Tosh.0

Therefore, Comedy Central cancels Onion Sports Dome in its first season.

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