restaurant-impossible-cancelled-renewed-food-networkThe never ending task of updating the lists of renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011 has some new info.

Food Network renewed Restaurant Impossible for 26 more episodes.

It should be no surprise that the cable show gets this nod, since it has upped the ratings from one season ago by a third, and has become a steady hit, reaching 2,8 million viewers.

Restaurant Impossible gets renewed and the only question left is to know if the 26 more episodes are all for one season or more.

What is Restaurant Impossible about? Plot Synopsis

Restaurant: Impossible is an American television program broadcast by the Food Network. The first episode premiered on January 19, 2011, at 10pm EST. Each episode, Chef Robert Irvine is given the “mission” of making the impossible possible by renovating a failing restaurant. He must be finished after two days, and can only spend $10,000. With the assistance of HGTV designers Taniya Nayak, Vanessa De Leon, Krista Watterworth, and Cheryl Torrenueva, along with general contractor Tom Bury, Chef Irvine redesigns the menu, renovates the restaurant, improves the service, and then reopens the revived restaurant.

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