jersey-couture-cancelled-renewed-oxygen-season-twoI always think I completed my lists of renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011, but as always, work´s never done, and the lists keep getting bigger and bigger. In this case, the renewal side: Oxygen renews Jersey Couture for a second season, but with a twist. The show is changing the focus for the next season, in which the show will be about the stories of the customers instead of about the Scali´s family.

The show premiered in June and the second season of Jersey Couture will be in 2012.

What is Jersey Couture About? Plot Synopsis

Combining unmistakable style and no-nonsense attitude, Oxygen’s newest docu-series “Jersey Couture” follows a New Jersey family who runs one of the Garden State’s most sought-after destinations for extravagant women’s formal wear. The Scalis (aka Jersey’s First Family of Fashion) reveal how their tight-knit family manages to live and work together while running their glamorous, over-the-top dress shop, Diane & Co. (

From prom dresses to mother-of-the bride gowns, leopard print to gold sequins, Diane & Co. has it all. Owned by the Scali family, Diane & Co. is the fashion playground for Diane’s daughters, Kimberly and Christina, who are the eyes into this world of high fashion and family hi-jinks. Kimberly’s business sense and Christina’s fairytale aspirations make a great combination, but mixing family with business sometimes proves to have its challenges. Ultimately, the clients reap the rewards of the talented Scali family because at the end of the day, it’s all about providing women with a Cinderella experience of a lifetime!

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