supernatural-cancelled-renewed-season-seven-cwWe were all cheering for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon renewal yesterday, and feeling the pain with The Paul Reiser show cancellation, and better yet, today we learned about Showtime renewing Borgias for a second season. But did you really thought that was all? Well, not even close to that, since The CW came out today with a bang giving renewals to several shows.

The CW renewed Supernatural for season seven, marking the comeback for the Winchester brothers for yet another run, being the scripted series most veteran show on The CW to secure a comeback. We already know that Smallville is ending, and One Tree Hill is on the bubble still.

This year friday averages in the lineup of Smallville and Supernatural together got an increase of over 60% in the ratings, making this Supernatural season seven renewal an even easier decision for the network.

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Which shows are you most worried about in terms of getting a new season? Hellcats, Nikita, One Tree Hill?

Which would you save?