covert affairs cancelled renewed usa network third seasonCouple of long lists have become those of renewed shows on 2011 and all the cancelled shows on 2011.

This time, via USA renewal of Covert Affairs for a third season. The same day as USA renewed Necessary Roughness, the only freshman show left to officially renew from the network, they gave the sophomore show a third run by renewing Covert Affairs.

I´m always in the doubt of calling it a Piper Perabo vehicle, since after all, Annie is the center character of the show, but every fan of it can also call it a Christopher Gorham vehicle, since every time Auggie appears on screen, it´s a whole different show (as can be seen in the Auggie centric episodes).

Well, anyhow, USA renewed Covert Affairs for a third season, and the Piper Perabo / Christopher Gorham vehicle is going to get a new run in 2012. This was an expected piece of news, since the show had grown in every rating category from season one to season two.

USA renewal order for Covert Affairs third season consists of sixteen episodes, and will have probably a bigger role from Anne Dudek, since her character now is in the knowing of Annie´s activities.

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