suburgatory-cancelled-renewed-season-two-abcMore information to fill the lists for cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012.  This one makes for good times… Sitcoms are healthy as ever, since this show is not the only freshman to come back. And it´s a solid choice by ABC, specially to keep such a great cast on a good show. ABC renews Suburgatory for season two, and the Jeremy Sisto led show will bring a sophomore season with 22 episodes to start airing late this year.

The series follows George Altman, a single father who decides to get away from New York City to the suburbs so he can give his teenage daughter, Tessa, a better life after he finds an unopened box of condoms in her drawer. However, their move to the suburbs has the daughter wondering if they just entered the world of The Stepford Wives after they see how “perfect” their new locale is, right down to the neighbors who welcome them into the cul-de-sac.

The title is a portmanteau, thought up by former CNN Senior Producer Linda Keenan, of the words “suburban” and “purgatory”

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