FX-Anger-Management-cancelled-renewedThis never ending lists of  cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012 just got bigger, and when I say bigger I mean way bigger. Since FX renewed Anger Management for a supersized renewal order of 90 extra episodes. Now that´s what you could call “Winning!”.

Since its arrival on FX, Charlie Sheen made the bet posted by the cabler pay off big time, making Anger Management the highest-rated new comedy series on cable in 2012, averaging 4.53 million total weekly viewers, with 2.5 million of those right in the coveted 18-49 demo.

Second season renewal for Anger Management is targeted towards a September production and a premiere date for January 2013, with the addition to the cast as a regular of Charlie´s real life dad Martin Sheen, reprising the father role he played on episode nine.

It would be wise for FX to make oversized seasons of maybe 20 episodes each or more, particularily for two main reasons: Number one, hitting the syndication threshold sooner, and two, having Charlie Sheen at his best.

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