true-blood-cancelled-renewed-season-sixExcerpt: In this article you will read about HBO renewal order for True Blood´s season six.

We keep adding and adding info for the lists of  cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012. And the same day as HBO renewed The Newsroom, it also gave a callback to the veteran sci-fi show. HBO renews True Blood for season six. It just kickstarted season five a few weeks back, and now it just made sure to comeback next year with a new run.

Production of season six will start later this year and reports are slating the next season on  June 2013 in the premium cabler summer lineup.

Alan Ball, the same who brought us Six Feet Under is still at the helm on True Blood in what can very well be the show´s last season; specially taking into account the creative fluidness of Ball, that is probably developing a next great thing while at it.

A new dozen episodes will be coming our way next year making the show over 70 episodes. For seasons with low episode count, it´s a pretty good run.

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