be-good-johnny-weir-cancelled-renewed-season-two-logoWhen a show works, you bring it back, when it doesn´t, you let it go. That´s the basis behind TV programming, but sometimes our favourite show goes away, and that´s why I´m keeping track of all the cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012.  In this case, I am the bearer of good news for one show. Logo renewed Be Good Johnny Weir for season two.

Comprised of ten, thirty-minute episodes, “Be Good Johnny Weir” premieres on Monday, September 17th at 10PM ET/PT on Logo.

In this season, “Be Good Johnny Weir” will go beyond the ice rink and dive deeper into Johnny’s work and personal life as he balances his immense drive for the ultimate prize in the skating world with his growing ambition to branch out into various entertainment endeavors. Never a stranger to taking big risks to win big, Johnny makes a foray into the music business with his first single, publishes a book, dabbles in a fashion line and works to launch his own ice show spectacular. With the support of his long-time manager, coach and friends, Johnny learns that sometimes even the most driven superstar will face hiccups on the road to success. Viewers will also be privy to a never-before-seen private side of Johnny as he meets the love of his life and navigates the pressures of nurturing a budding romance while facing the pressures of celebrity.

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