money-from-strangers-cancelled-renewed-mtvTCA reports are getting to an end (lucky me), but I still have more info to add to my lists of  cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012.  And after announcing the renewal for Snooki and JWOWW and the renewal for World of Jenks, MTV renewed Money from Strangers for season two showing that hidden camera shows are still healthy on TV.

What is Money From Strangers about?

Money From Strangers snares unwitting contestants off the street to perform interactive impromptu pranks on a variety of unsuspecting victims, as directed (via secret IFB earpiece) by host Jeff Dye and a rotating pair of celebrity accomplices watching the action on hidden camera feeds. If our contestants can successfully complete a prank without laughing or blowing it, they win $1,000. If they fail they exit with neither the full $1,000 nor their dignity.

What do you think? Are you happy MTV renewed Money From Strangers for season two? Let me know in the comments section.

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