the-neighbors-cancelled-renewed-abcNot always good shows make it on the list of renewed shows of 2012, and not always bad shows end up on the list of cancelled shows of 2012. You be the judge: ABC renewed The Neighbors for a bit longer by ordering three more scripts. Does this mean the show is safe for a second season? Not yet, and not even close to that. This is not even a full season pickup order as other ABC comedies got earlier this week. But it means we´ll have to endure three more episodes of The Neighbors at least.

The additional script order comes after a strong premiere before the award winning comedy series ‘Modern Family’ but that´s a golden spot to be launched. Anyhow, ABC is going to see how well does this show develop with these extra three episodes and ultimately make a decision on wether to cancel or renew The Neighbors for either a full season or a second season altogether.

What is The Neighbors about? Plot Synopsis

Marty Weaver (Lenny Venito) just wants the best for his wife, Debbie (Jami Gertz), and their three kids. That’s why he’s moving them to Hidden Hills, New Jersey, a gated community complete with its own golf course. Marty is certain that their new home will be a dream come true. And then, they meet the neighbors.

The residents of Hidden Hills are a little… different. The Weavers have barely unpacked when 20 of their new neighbors show up in the driveway, standing in a triangle formation, each holding an identical cherry pie.

Larry Bird (Simon Templeman) introduces himself as the “leader” of the community. Then he presents his wife, Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Toks Olagundoye), and their two sons (yes, they’re named after famous athletes – Dick Butkus and Reggie Jackson). As Debbie and Marty frantically try to make sense of the weird neighbors – European? A cult? Amish athletes? – they discover that the entire Hidden Hills community is comprised of aliens from the planet Zabvron. ‘Turns out the Zabvronians have been holed up in Hidden Hills for the past 10 years, awaiting instructions from back home, and the Weavers are the first humans who have ever lived amongst them.

At first the Weavers are ready to cut and run. But the aliens seem harmless enough. And there is a lot of closet space… So they decide to stay and help their new neighbors adapt to life on this confusing planet we call home. But as the Weavers and the aliens face the struggles of everyday life together, they discover that some things – the ups and downs of marriage, the desire to be a good parent and raise a happy family – are universal, intergalactic even. And the Weavers realize they’ve found an ally in the family next door… even if they do cry out of their ears.

You be the judge. Is it good news or bad news that ABC renewed The Neighbors for three more episodes? Head to the comments to discuss.

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