walking-dead-cancelled-renewed-season-four-amc-glen-mazzara-leavesSo, let´s add another one to our lists of renewed shows of 2012 and cancelled shows of 2012. In this case, avoiding the apocalypse predicted for December 21st, the post-apocalypse zombie new civilization show The Walking Dead got renewed for season four by AMC. This decision is a no brainer for the premium cabler, but, it did not come at no cost, as showrunner Glen Mazzara is leaving after the conclusion of the third season early 2013. That marks the second showrunner in a row to leave the show, after creator Frank Darabont left this year. Even though both the network and Mazzara issued a joint statement saying that the departure is amicable and he´ll remain on the helm for the remainder of season three, one has to wonder what is wrong with AMC, since this is the second showrunner to step down on The Walking Dead, but also Rubicon creator and showrunner, and Hell on Wheels showrunner also stepped down abruptly. Let´s also remember the difficult negotiations with Mad Men and Breaking Bad showrunner.

The Walking Dead´s comic creator Robert Kirkman will stay as producer of the show, and that should give enough continuity to the process.

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