key-peele-obama-luther-cancelled-renewed-comedy-central-season-threeStill adding things to the lists of cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012, and this can be counted as another Obama´s win, right? Comedy Central renews Key & Peele for season three of the sketch comedy show. After all, this is probably the best comedy among the latest arrivals to television. Even though only a few episodes are on each of the first two seasons.

It was announced by Kent Alterman, Head of Original Programming and Production, COMEDY CENTRAL. The series is created by and stars Key and Peele and is executive produced by Key, Peele, Ian Roberts, Jay Martel and Joel Zadak. Thirteen new episodes are set to premiere in the fall of 2013. “Since Obama won re-election, it only seems fair that we would give ‘Key and Peele’ another season,” said Alterman.

“We are so thrilled about the pick-up and want to thank COMEDY CENTRAL for FOUR MORE YEARS!” said Key and Peele. “Oh wait, what’s that? One more year? Oh….ok, that will work too.”

“Key & Peele” features Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, who are best known for their impressive ability for improv, celebrity impressions and conjuring up original characters. The show utilizes a combination of filmed sketches and live stage segments to examine life in a provocative and irreverent way, from two men used to being on the outside looking in. Whether it’s satirizing the President, spoofing musical acts, or introducing Mary Magdalene’s pimp, “Key & Peele” showcases their chemistry, camaraderie and unique point of view, born from their shared background and experiences growing up biracial in a not quite post-racial world.

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