wilfred-cancelled-renewed-fx-season-threeIn yet another day with tons of shows added to both the list of renewed shows of 2012 and the list of cancelled shows of 2012, I have some good news: FX renews Wilfred US for season three.

FX’s EVP Nick Grad said while making the official announcement of Wilfred US renewal:  “As John – referring to John Ladgraf – said at the summer TCA, it was only a matter of time before we picked up the show, we just had to work some things out … David Zuckerman has done an amazing job adapting and reconceiving Wilfred for FX. It was his decision to step down from the Showrunner’s post, but we’re very happy he is going to stay involved with the show. Both we and David have great faith in the ability of Reed and Eli to seamlessly step up and take over the reins. I have no doubt they’ll do a great job.”

Season three renewal order for Wilfred US consists of thirteen episodes set to be produced and air in 2013. Elijah Wood and Jason Gann will reprise both their roles in the comedy.

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