the-challenge-cancelled-renewed-mtv-cycle-24When you have a show that´s been around for so long you almost don´t question in which list it will go, if either the list of cancelled shows of 2012 or the list of renewed shows of 2012, and this one has been going around for 23 cycles already. MTV renewed The Challenge for a new season, number 24. Although there´s no official announcement that came to my e-mail yet, T.J. Lavin said so last night on Ridiculousness, that MTV had confirmed him he´s going to be on a 14th cycle as host, and he started on cycle 11.

This year, cycle 23 is about Battle of the seasons, it reunites cast members from seven of the Real World’s most memorable seasons. Within each team, there are exes, rivalries, current romances, best friendships and everything in between that could either help or hurt them in their goal to become the last season standing. And to make matters more intense, in competing for $250,000 in grand prizes, the former roommates may have to turn on each other to secure their own safety in the game.

Here’s how the game works: Each team consists of two men and two women. There will be a series of challenges leading up to an epic finale, where the winning team will split a massive $250,000 grand prize. After every challenge, there will be a winning team and a losing team. The losing team must enter the dreaded Arena and face possible elimination. The winning team, however, will become the Power Team. They must select one team to battle against the losers in the Arena. But there’s a twist — the teams facing the Arena must select only one guy and one girl from their own team to compete in the elimination. If they can’t decide who’s going in from their own team, the Power Team chooses for them—so the pressure is on. The winning competitors in the elimination rounds return to their season and continue to fight for a cut of the cash. However, the unlucky losers are immediately eliminated from the game and their season is down to only two players! Teams of two may claim a bigger piece of the prize, but will they be able to compete with half the muscle?

With a quarter of a million dollars going to the winning team, these players will do everything it takes — both on and off the playing field — to guarantee a spot in the finale. Make no mistake about it — this is the most outrageous, scheming, and competitive group of Challengers in years. Friendships will be put to the test, romances will blossom, and dangerous new feuds will quickly form. The usual struggles of strength and stamina will remain, but this time, they’ll have to sort out their issues from their original season if they want to win it all.

So what will next cycle be about? I still do not know.

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