guy-code-cancelled-renewed-season-three-mtv2With fall already upon us, new shows are coming to join the lists of cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012, and now it´s time to check out MTV2 who renewed Guy Code for season three. The show has just wrapped up season two as the highest rated original series in the cable network history. So MTV2 had no doubts and renewed Guy Code for season three that will premiere in January 2013.

The show gives viewers the ins and outs of the special code that exists between bros as told through talking-head style commentators, absurd humor, and funny and inappropriate animation. Featuring today’s pop culture entertainers, top comics, rappers and specialized experts, the series will alter the manscape forever with the rules for life’s most important situations from bachelor parties and stress, to dealing with cops, pregnancy scares, piercings, lying, farting and much more.

Guy Code was developed by Ryan Ling who also serves as Executive Producer. Paul Ricci and Darin Byrne are Executive Producers for MTV2. Andrew Stuckey is Director. The series is an original production by Viacom media Networks.

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