psych-cancelled-renewed-usa-season-eightSo, the world should end tomorrow, if Mayans are correct, but if not… the biggest news is this: USA renews Psych for season eight! So, there, we can add this one to our lists of  renewed shows of 2012 and cancelled shows of 2012. The official Twitter account of the show tweeted earlier today “What better holiday present to give our fans than to announce #Psych has been picked up for an 8th season! Happy holidays!,” Indeed… that´s a great holidays present. Is it going to be the last season? That´s the question still looming, as Psych got renewed for season eight, but a shortened one of only eight episodes.

Season seven is still to premiere, with sixteen more episodes to go, and now, eight extra episodes are added for another season. Since there´s a long time before season eight still (as it should be premiering in 2014), maybe there´s a backend pickup for extra episodes; but that´s a thing of negotiations probably, needing to lock the cast and crew for beyond then.

So, I am happy that Psych got renewed for season eight, what about you? Are you happy Psych got renewed? You can also follow me on Twitter for more scoop on shows getting renewed like Psych has.