america got talent renewed cancelled nbcWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of the season.

And this one is as no brainer as it can get, since NBC renewed America´s Got Talent, the reality TV Competition powerhouse.

NBC renewed America´s Got Talent for a sixth season, and since the show is summer´s highest rated series, the slot will be held for the show.

Albeit roster changes in the judging panels can be problematic, such as Kara Dio Guardi exits Idol news, Howie Mandel inclusion instead of David Hasselhoff was warmly embraced by audiences and the show did not suffer at all. (The whole Simon Cowell thing will be much more difficult in Idol, though)

Let´s also remember that America´s Got Talent (same as the franchise starter, Britain´s Got Talent) has a huge YouTube following, and the discovery of this season in Jackie Evancho certainly helped its cause.

Let´s also remember they held an open audition for America´s Got Talent via YouTube too, so the show is wisely embracing new media to help its development.

In the verge of this season finals of America´s Got Talent, renewal order came the shows way.

What do you think? Are you happy NBC renewed America´s Got Talent?

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