its-me-or-the-dog-auditions-casting-callAnother great opportunity to audition has arrived.  In this case Animal Planet´s dog training show It´s me or the dog is auditioning cases for its fourth season.

Auditions for It’s Me or the Dog, a television program produced by television production company Shed Media US, in which dog trainer Victoria Stilwell tackles behavioral problems in dogs by teaching their owners responsible dog ownership. Known for her natural ability to train any dog, Victoria promotes positive reinforcement-based dog training techniques reliant on teaching both owner and dog through positive associations and confidence.

I know it´s no Dog Whisperer, but the show is still a very good second choice, and is very solid in the ratings department.

How to Audition for Animal Planet It´s me or the dog?

If you are having problems training your dog and its causing an issue in the home between you, your spouse, significant other, roommate etc. you should audition for It´s me or the dog.

What do I need to do to Audition for It´s me or the dog on Animal Planet?

Visit this link to submit yourself.

You need to be in the NYC Tri-State Area to be elegible in the It´s me or the dog audition.

Will you enter It´s me or the dog Casting Auditions? Let me know how it goes.
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