castle-til-death-do-us-part-spoilers-quotes-4Well, the awaited moment for Castle to come back is here, with a new episode in which when a lothario is killed, Castle and Beckett suspect that the victim’s mysterious double life holds the key to his murder. Their investigation leads to a shocking twist that threatens to disrupt Ryan’s wedding with Jenny.

So, what does this mean? Let´s see… But beware, there are spoilers in this article, so if you haven´t seen the episode and don´t want to know. Time to check out.

Castle S04E11 Til Death Do Us Part Best Quotes and Moments – Spoilery

Episode starts in a fruit stand with two people flirting, when suddenly a body falls onto the stand… mystery begins.

Castle: What are you drinking? Toxic waste?
Jenny: We are doing a clense. He forgot his bottle, so I came here to drop it off.
Castle: Oh, he forgot it, are you sure.

Ryan: I love you sweetie
Jenny: I love you more
Ryan: I don´t think that´s possible (…) I know, I know, we are nauseating.

Ryan: I guess you will be fine that Lanie is coming plus one
Esposito: What, who?
Ryan: I don´t know, she RSVP´d plus one

Ryan: You also RSVP´d plus one Castle
Beckett: You are bringing a date?
Castle: Yeah
Beckett: Who?
Castle: Well, she´s beautiful, she´s intelligent, she´s funny, she smiles at me and sometimes it melts my heart. (You need to see Beckett´s face then)… It´s Alexis (And Beckett smiles relieved)

Song playing in the hotel room scene was Bolero by Ravel.

Lanie: He was dead before he hit the fruit

Castle: If you find out that a man is cheating on you, how would you kill him?
Martha: Knife, through the heart.
Castle: What if you don´t have the stomach for that?
Alexis: Shoot him
Castle: What if you don´t have the stomach for that?

Castle: Speaking of murder… why do you need my credit card for?

Martha: Darling, beauty does not happen by accident

Castle: It´s like the beginning of The Bachelor, but without the Apple-tinis

Castle: That´s a lot of women… and a lot of fury

Esposito: Castle may not be so far with his Jason Bourne theory

Ryan: Jenny just texted me Lanie´s plus one, he´s name is Toby Lang

Esposito: I´m not showing up solo when she is bringing Captain America here

Beckett: Where´s Espo?
Ryan: In the break room, trying to score his plus one

Pablo: See, I told you we were badass

Pablo: We are pickup artists
Castle: As in picking up women?
Beckett: You?

Beckett: Oh my God, that´s Jenny
Castle: Not just Jenny, Gyratying Jenny

Ryan: I´m getting married on Sunday
Esposito: Exactly, this is your last chance to be my wingman. Help me get my plus one

Castle: So, what are we gonna do?
Beckett: About what?
Castle: We gotta tell Ryan about Jenny
Beckett: What? Why? Oh my God, Castle, If we were getting married would you want to know about all the men I´ve slept with?
Castle: All
Beckett: Seriously? You sign women´s chest on book readings, you can´t be shocked I´m not a virgin
Castle: It´s just the word “All” implies a lot. How many are we talking?
Beckett: Are you seriously asking for my number?
Castle: You show me your I´ll show you mine
Beckett: Men… you all wanna know, but you don´t wanna know

Castle: So who was the wingman? The grandpa or the grandson?

Beckett: That´s espionage
Castle: More Like Sexpionage
Beckett: More like motif

Esposito: You look great, you know?
Lanie: Yeah, I know

Beckett: Where´s your date?
Castle: At a Lady Gaga concert with a teenage boy. How do I compete with that?

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