On the January 9th edition of Current TV’s “The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur,” Cenk called out Michelle Obama as the one progressive in the White House, welcomed Eric Boehlert of Media Matters to discuss SOPA, and more. “The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur” airs live weeknights at 7pm EST on Current TV.

‘Listen to your wife,’ Obama, so at least there’s one progressive in the White House

“Luckily it turns out there is one person who’s a progressive in the White House,” Cenk says. “Michelle Obama…has been fighting all along for them to do what they’d promised they would do.” That’s based on Jodi Kantor’s new book “The Obamas,” and while many media outlets are focused on sensational sections of the account, Cenk is celebrating the idea that Michelle Obama’s focus on “moral imperatives” is being heard by the president, even if it helped accelerate Rahm Emanuel’s exit. “You’re sending a message to the American people what kind of president you’re going to be,” Cenk says. “For God’s sake, listen to your wife.”

Major media companies ask Congress for SOPA, then fail to cover the controversy

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is absent from mainstream news coverage — netting only one story in prime time, according to Media Matters’ analysis. Not surprisingly, all the major corporations owning TV stations are on record supporting the bill. Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert joins Cenk to discuss. “There’s a clear conflict of interest,” Boehlert points out. “If you have a conflict, you would think you’d go out of your way to tell everyone about the conflict and report on it.” As Cenk points out, “These major media companies are the ones who asked for the bill in the first place.”

It’s raining Elbows from the Sky and other stories you missed on ‘The Young Turks’

On Monday’s show, Cenk rained down many Elbows from the Sky, showed a clip from the new Mitt Romney attack doc (and put some more miles on his Romney impression), lauded Michelle Obama’s pressure on her husband to stay progressive, and gave RuPaul a big “amen!” for campaigning in New Hampshire. Be sure to watch Tuesday’s show for more of “The Young Turks.”

Occupy Update: New Hampshire bird-dogging candidates and protesting on the cusp of the GOP primary

On the cusp of the New Hampshire primary, Wyatt Thurston of Occupy New Hampshire tells Cenk about the group’s strategy combining street theater, protests and bird-dogging the candidates. “When they do these events, they like to keep them very controlled,” says Thurston, who was at first denied admission to a Romney rally because he wore a “99%” pin. He removed the pin and was able to re-enter the event — until Occupy activists heckled the candidate. Thurston says that “seeing Romney run away when we try to confront him” is a personal victory.

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