This season finale 2009 is going to be rough for many shows…

There are a lot of deaths in season finales written, and there´s going to be many characters written off for next season.

Let´s review a little:

  • Edie is dying on Desperate Housewives
  • Who´s dying on Chuck

One Death is planned in this show, and according to Executive Producer Josh Schwartz, it´s going to be shocking.

  • Are Molly or Christina dying on Ugly Betty?

The obvious candidates are terminally ill Molly (Sarah Lafleur) or barely-visible Christina (the exiting Ashley Jensen). Which means it’s probably neither. So… who´s dying on Ugly Betty season finale?

  • Who´s dying on Law & Order: SVU Season Finale?

It’s not Benson (Mariska Hargitay) or Stabler (Chris Meloni). Beyond that, no one’s safe.

  • Who´s dying on 24 Season Finale?

It’s 24. It’d probably be easier if I told you how many people aren’t dying.

  • Who´s dying on CSI: NY Season Finale?

A cop killer targets a member of the team and “forever changes” the show, teases exec producer Peter M. Lenkov.

  • Who´s dying on Smallville season finale?

One of the deceased is a long-running character. The other isn’t. One is a man. The other…

  • Who´s dying on Heroes season finale?

Two of the deaths will stick. A third won’t.

  • Who´s dying on Big Love season finale?

A major male character.

  • Who´s dying on Supernatural Season Finale?

It’s someone close to Sam and Dean.

  • Who´s dying on Lost season finale?

One is major, the other major-ish. (Desmond and Juliet? perhaps? or that makes it two major?)

  • Who´s dying on Ghost Whisperer season finale?

The victim will be someone close to one of the main characters… well… besides all those dead people talking.

  • Who´s dying on Prison Break season finale?

As the series reaches its climax, Michael must choose whether to save the love of his life (Sara) or his bro (Linc). Maybe he chooses neither?

  • Who´s dying on Grey´s Anatomy season finale?

As we already said it. Izzie Stevens is dying.

  • Who´s dying on House MD Season Finale?

It´s one of the major characters, and it´ll be a shocker. Front runners are Taub, Chase and Foreman to die on House MD.