chicken-soup-for-the-soul-home-sweet-home-194x300This one hits right home (no pun intended). One of my favorite activities is real life pinning. The act of going shopping without buying but just imagining what I´d like in my dream house, and also how to enhance my current home. (Ok, sometimes I do buy stuff). So the stories about people doing similar things and making a house a home, and putting blodd, sweat and tears into it, giving it personality, enjoying it, is what I like about this collection of stories.

We tend to move around from house to house, living in dorms, small apartments, with family, friends, roomies, your partner, in the suburbs, right downtown, and so on… and we know that the walls and the roof are not what makes them home… it´s the memories, the MAKING it home, the laughs, the tears, the late nights, the lingering in bed tucked in, the kids running, the puppies, the neighbors, the love.

This book captures all of it in 101 stories about the hard work it takes to make a house a home, and the happiness that comes with it. Really a great addition to the Chicken Soup for the Soul collection. You can find it at Chicken Soup site.

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