chickenmiracles-194x300I may not be the best target for this book, and the collection from Chicken Soup book about supernatural events caused by angels, miraculous encounters and then some are piling up lately. For a skeptical human being as myself, I would put them in a book called Coincidences Happen, though it may not be as marketable; lol.

As it often happens with this collection, you can be sure that the stories are well written or curated, and that it will be enjoyed if you are within the target of it. And by that I mean, if you believe in miracles, or angels and divine intervention. You´ll like it. If not, well, maybe another one of the collection will suit you better. Like the one about cats or dogs. Who doesn´t like either cats or dogs!

This book can make for a nice gift for that religious aunt at your family who sends you those e-mail powerpoints full of pictures and messages, after all, Chicken Soup for the Soul books always make for good gifts; you just need to find which subject fits the person.

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