chuck-dad-steve-bartowski-alive-spoilerOrion all over the screen… and Volkoff saying “Oh my God. He´s still alive” and a little later “Somehow a dead man broke into my computer system last night”
Does this mean Steve Bartowski is alive? Is Chuck´s dad alive? How can that be? Didn´t the ring kill him?
Isn´t Scott Bakula playing one of the leads (Terry Elliott) in a hit TNT show called Men of a Certain Age?
There are a lot of questions raised by this episode of Chuck.
Is Chuck´s dad alive? Is Steve Bartowski alive? Being the question we most want to know the answer.

Chuck said “Hello Alexei. I believe you are looking for me” and showing that he posed as Chuck´s dad. So chances are Steve Bartowski is dead for good.

Steve Bartowski was in Seven episodes of Chuck, and these are the best Quotes and tidbits from Steve Bartowski, Chuck´s dad on the show. As Chuck said: “Tecnically it´s ok to say Steven J Bartowski took you down”

Best Quotes from Steve Bartoswski on Chuck (Scott Bakula´s character)

“Chuck: Chuck Versus the Dream Job (#2.19)” (2009)
Steve Bartowski: [to Sarah about Chuck] Stanford? Not bad. He was alway a genius this one.
Chuck Bartowski: No. Not like you.
Steve Bartowski: You’re right. He was smarter.

Steve Bartowski: Not a good idea. Tell her that I’m happy for her
Chuck Bartowski: Are you- are you joking? You have to do this. She’s your daughter! Don’t you want to be there?
Steve Bartowski: Charles, I can’t…
Chuck Bartowski: I-I don’t want to hear what you *can’t* do! I’ve *seen* what you can’t do!
[Long pause]
Chuck Bartowski: I’m sorry. I, uh, that came out wrong.
Steve Bartowski: No it didn’t. You’re mad. I left and you’re mad.

Chuck Bartowski: [to Sarah as Steve’s gathering his belonging for a trip] Maybe he’s not as crazy as I remembered.
Steve Bartowski: [Steve enters] Okay, let’s go get your sister married. Huh?
[Steve lifts the blinds a little to look out the window]
Steve Bartowski: Maybe we should wait til dark. They’re – they’re tracking my every move. Rat bastards!

Chuck Bartowski: [Entering] Ellie, hey.
Ellie Bartowski: [Ellie turns for a second] Hey, Chuck.
[Turns and faces Devon]
Ellie Bartowski: We can do cranberry which really brings out your – your
[Realizes he dad is with Chuck and turns around]
Steve Bartowski: Hello Eleanor.
Chuck Bartowski: Aren’t you going to say something?
Ellie Bartowski: …Pancakes.
Steve Bartowski: Oh boy.
Ellie Bartowski: You said you were going to make pancakes.
[Ellie storms off to her room]
Steve Bartowski: Well, that – that went well.

Steve Bartowski: [to Chuck] You’re going work for Roark?… The man who stole everything from me?

Chuck Bartowski: We have to go. We have to go right now! I can explain all this to you later. For now, all I can tell you is, I’m not who you think I am!
Vincent: [the secure door opens, Vincent stands in the doorway pointing a gun] It’s good to see you again. Both of you.
Steve Bartowski: Don’t worry, Charles, I’m not who you think I am either…
[Steve knocks Vincent out]
Steve Bartowski: Are you coming? We should go Charles.
Chuck Bartowski: Oh my God! You’re Orion!
Steve Bartowski: We should hurry.

Steve Bartowski: Granted, I can understand how this might complicate a few things. Come on!
Chuck Bartowski: What? “Complicate a few things?” Dad, I saw you die! I saw you explode in a helicopter.
Steve Bartowski: But I see how I could’ve given you that impression. I had to die quite a few times. One of the perils of being Orion.

Steve Bartowski: This isn’t what I wanted, Chuck. But when I realized what the government was going to do with the Intersect. I had to run. I knew our guys weren’t going to be the only ones who were looking for me. More importantly, I knew I had to stay away from you and your sister.
Chuck Bartowski: …Wait. Dad, You were protecting us?
Steve Bartowski: I knew I had to spend the rest of my life hiding from the Intersect. I never imagined it would find you. It must be such a curse to have all those secrets trapped in your head. That’s why I came back. That’s why I let your handlers find me. It’s my fault. FULCRUM’s after both of us now.

Steve Bartowski: Now punch in the code, or we’ll both be a little dead.
Chuck Bartowski: No, dad. You don’t understand. It doesn’t work like that. Unless it’s up here. I can’t do it.
Steve Bartowski: Yes you can. I designed that computer in your head, son. Flash, and it’ll be the last thing you ever have to flash on.

Chuck Bartowski: That’s the Intersect?
Steve Bartowski: 2.0. My baby. My greatest creation. After you and your sister of course.

Ted Roark: Put him in the helicopter. Kill the CIA agent.
Steve Bartowski: He’s my son.
Ted Roark: He’s your son? Congratulations! That’s great! I had no idea! Kill the son.

Steve Bartowski: Charles, take care of your sister.
Chuck Bartowski: No, wait.
Steve Bartowski: Take care of yourself.
Chuck Bartowski: Dad…
Steve Bartowski: You can do this without me.
Chuck Bartowski: I’m not going to leave you!
Steve Bartowski: Remember when I told you not to trust your handlers.
[Steve opens the door, Sarah and Casey enter pointing their weapons at the FULCRUM agents. Steve walks to the FULCRUM agents]
Steve Bartowski: Maybe I was wrong.
Vincent: If your son is going to walk, he should do it now!
Steve Bartowski: Goodbye Chuck.
Chuck Bartowski: Dad! No!

“Chuck: Chuck Versus the Subway (#3.18)” (2010)
Steve Bartowski: Son, your brain is working fine so far, right? Who wouldn’t be paranoid in your shoes? Your cover’s blown, your secret base discovered, you dead partner and girlfriend’s ex-lover was a double agent.
Chuck Bartowski: Way to talk me down, dad.
Steve Bartowski: What I – what I’m trying to say is: your courage makes me very proud. But there’s some battles you have to walk away from.

Steve Bartowski: [to Chuck] There may come a time when if you want to protect them – you have to go.

Steve Bartowski: That’s what the Ring wants you to think. There’s always a choice.
Chuck Bartowski: What choice would that be, dad? To run away?… I’m not you, okay? I’m not going to spend the rest of my life in hiding. I can’t leave the one I love behind…
[to Sarah and Casey]
Chuck Bartowski: Let’s go!

Sarah Walker: Chuck, wait where are you going?
Chuck Bartowski: Sarah, I have to leave. My – my dad is coming.
Sarah Walker: No, you can’t. You have to stay and fight. If you run, they’ll put a burn notice on you, and you’ll be running forever.
Steve Bartowski: [Steve Bartowski arrives] We have to move. Right now!
Sarah Walker: You can’t do this. If you run, there’s a bullseye on your back. They will *never* ever stop looking for you.
Steve Bartowski: If you stay everyone you love will be in danger. You have to decide who do you want to protect: you or her.
Chuck Bartowski: Dad please don’t –
[the alarm starts blaring]
Steve Bartowski: Right now Charles! You have to run to protect her!
Chuck Bartowski: I’m sorry Sarah. I’m sorry but if I have to choose, I will always choose to protect you!
[Kisses Sarah]

Steve Bartowski: I’m your father. You cannot ask me. Please do not ask me to put my own son in jeopardy.
Chuck Bartowski: I can’t just walk away, dad. Why did you come back this time? You came back because you wanted to protect Ellie and me. Because you knew no matter how far you ran, you couldn’t live with yourself if something happened to someone you love.
Steve Bartowski: If we do this… we gotta be smart. Not think emotionally. We can do it. We’re Bartowskis!

Steve Bartowski: If we’re not back in 20 minutes, run!
Ellie Bartowski: I need to hear you say it. I need to know there’s a reason you left us.
Steve Bartowski: …It’s a long story. I wanna tell you everything, but I gotta – I gotta take care of this first, okay?
[Hugs Ellie]
Steve Bartowski: This is the last time I’m going to walk away from you, I promise. Love you, baby.

Steve Bartowski: [Last words to Chuck] You’re special son. Always remember… that you’re special.

Steve Bartowski: [to young Ellie and Chuck] There’s nothing broken in – in this whole world that you can’t fix if you work together. Charles, go into your sister’s room and get some of her art supplies. Go on.
[Young Chuck goes to Ellie’s room]
Steve Bartowski: Ellie, you’re going to help him.
[Young Ellie looks upset]
Steve Bartowski: I know it’s hard, El. But your brother does have a knack for getting into trouble. But you – you’re going to have to protect Chuck. Be there no matter what. Because you’re his big sister. Can you do that for me?

“Chuck: Chuck Versus the Living Dead (#3.17)” (2010)
Steve Bartowski: [after Sarah saves Chuck] Does she have the Intersect too?
Chuck Bartowski: No dad. That’s all her. Hi honey.

Steve Bartowski: Tell me you’re not in the CIA any more. Tell me that you quit.
Chuck Bartowski: Dad, the Intersect is out of my head. I’ve moved on. I can assure you .
[Chuck looks at Sarah]
Chuck Bartowski: *we* can assure you… that I am no longer a spy.

Chuck Bartowski: The mission’s over dad.
Steve Bartowski: It’s never over, all right? There’s always another one and another. And… the reason a spy has to have one of those is because every mission they go on could be their last. For every spy, there’s someone who cares about them. Someone who has to open that box, read that message, and mourn their loss. This is a bad business. And I don’t want my family any part of it!

Steve Bartowski: I-I just keep thinking, without the Intersect, why would they let you go on missions? You’re an ordinary guy.
Chuck Bartowski: I’m not. I’m not an ordinary guy. The CIA wants me to work for them because they think I’m special…
[Turns away from his father]
Chuck Bartowski: Because they believe in me.
Steve Bartowski: You’re right Charles. You are special.
[Throws a knife at Chuck. Chuck flashes and catches the knife]
Steve Bartowski: I knew it! You downloaded the Intersect 2.0.

Chuck Bartowski: Dad. Knife. Face! What if you were wrong?
Steve Bartowski: I’m never wrong.

Steve Bartowski: Charles, there’s something I never told you. The Intersect – it can have a negative impact on the brain.
Chuck Bartowski: Ho -hold – hold on. What? You – you knew? You knew, and you didn’t tell me?
Steve Bartowski: I didn’t think I had to tell you. Youd didn’t tell me you downloaded the new one.
Chuck Bartowski: But that’s because I knew you would disapprove of it – and – and you know what? You left *again*. You taught me and Ellie how to live without you and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

“Chuck: Chuck Versus the Ring (#2.22)” (2009)
Steve Bartowski: Hello Ted.
[Knocks out Roark then sighs]
Steve Bartowski: Waited 20 years to do that.

Steve Bartowski: You made changes to the Intersect. To my initial designs. The data architecture is different. What does this new computer do?
Bryce Larkin: You don’t want to know.

Chuck Bartowski: [after Sarah leaves] I have to go.
Steve Bartowski: No. No. You don’t, you’re not a spy.
Chuck Bartowski: Dad… I *love* her!

“Chuck: Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II (#3.19)” (2010)
Steve Bartowski: Hello Chuck. If you’re seeing this, that means I wasn’t able to stop this message from sending. Which also means, I’m dead. What do I say about that? Um, I- I’m sorry. And – and – well I hope you and your sister know how much I love you – loved you. Now I need you to do something for me. Something secret. You better get a pen. I never wanted you to be a spy. I knew how dangerous this world is, what it does to the people in it. Boy, do I know that. That’s why I kept something from you. Something about me -about Orion. I’ve been a spy for the last 20 years, working for myself. Doing things governments have been afraid to do. Maybe being a spy is – is in our blood. And – and maybe I should have… told you all of this long ago. But Chuck, your story is only just beginning. It’s time you knew the truth about my work, and the people who tried to destroy me. Because if I’m gone, then you’re not safe from them anymore. Neither is Ellie. These people they are ruthless, cunning and – Chuck, it’s – it’s time you learned the truth about your family. ‘Cause I did all this for her.
Chuck Bartowski: [Picking up half a broken bracelet] Mom?

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