Last night Criminal Minds aired an all new episode called To Hell and Back. As usual, this good show is all about the mistery, and last night was no exception. If you want to be spoiled, stay here… but under your own responsibility.

Remember Criminal Minds was renewed for a new season. Besides this Season Finale of Criminal Minds was great.

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Criminal Minds Season Finale – To Hell and Back

Detroit, Michigan — An intense-looking man approaches the Canadian border in a dark sedan. “What’s the nature of your visit?” a border guard asks. Growls the man: “Pleasure.” He then SLAMS on the accelerator, WHEELS the car around and RAMS the border-guard cabin! “Call the FBI,” he screams. “I’ve killed 10 people in the last month!” Inside the wrecked car are photos of the victims. He wanted to be caught. But why?

Jennifer explains that all the apparent victims were “transients” from Detroit that were apparently taken across the border and dumped. The man, meanwhile, is a former war hero named William Hightower. “It could be a case of post-traumatic stress disorder,” Rossi suggests. Not wasting any time, Hotch assigns roles: Emily and Derek will go the slums of Detroit, where all the victims are from; the others will go to Canada.

Rossi arrives at the border and shakes the hand of Officer Jeff Bedwell, a former protégé of the author/ investigator. Emily and Derek, in the meantime, are busy casing the streets. Derek interviews a junkie who recognizes a photo of Hightower. “I need to know everything this brother does,” Derek tells the junkie. “How he talks. How he moves. Every bit of his behavior.”

Armed with Derek’s info, Hotch heads to the holding cell to interview Hightower. “Give me a dumpsite,” Hotch demands. No dice. Hotch then explains that they know Hightower was often among the transients, photographing and cataloging them — much like a sergeant at bed check. “Your behavior was more like a protector,” Hotch notes. “You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to confess to a crime you didn’t commit.”

Hightower breaks down. Turns out that he went to the Detroit cops three times asking for help when the transients began to disappear. He collected the photos of the missing victims, rammed the border guard booth and confessed just so the authorities would be forced to investigate. “When I got home from Iraq, the first thing my mother told me was that my baby sister Lee was on the streets,” says a crying Hightower.

The woman has since disappeared and Hightower needed the FBIs help. Hightower then explains that he received a cell-phone call from his sister the night she disappeared. Triangulating the signal revealed where the scared woman crossed the border. Unfortunately, that spot is one of the busiest of all border crossings. Did someone kidnap the young woman and take her into Canada? The team believes so.

We cut to a disgusting pig farm, where a giant, disgusting man drags a transient (not Hightower’s sister, thank goodness) onto a disgusting table. Disgusting swine squeal and grunt. The disgusting man injects the transient with a viscous fluid in the back of the neck. Disgusting.

Back at police headquarters, Rossi and Hotch convince Bedwell to release Hightower. The veteran agrees to assist the team. Garcia, meanwhile, calls with crime reports from Detroit. “On five of the abduction nights, Detroit PD reports a break in or robbery at some type at a medical facility,” she explains. The unsub stole IV tubing, sutures and other supplies. Odd? Spencer doesn’t think so. “We believe the unsub gets gratification from keeping his victims alive to endure more torture,” he explains. This “sexual sadist” probably has some sort of medical training.

The team then interviews Maxine Hightower, mother to William and Lee. She explains that Lee briefly came home between stints on the street. But the young woman disappeared soon after she cashed a welfare check. Spencer’s eyes light up. All the victims disappeared near the first or middle of the month. “You think he has a way to get them alone based on the way they cash their checks?” Rossi asks. Indeed.

Derek and Detective Benning of the Detroit PD do a little checking and discover that street folk have been illegally cashing their welfare checks at a nearby flea-bag motel. They quickly arrive at the scene. “Have you been giving them cash in exchange for their welfare checks?” Derek demands. The owner admits to the scam — and then says a dark-colored sedan frequently stops to pick up street walkers. In fact, the sedan just drove off with a young woman who had recently traded her check. Bingo.

But watching the regular border crossings produces nothing. Hightower suggests checking the Civil War-era underground railroad running from Detroit to Canada. Garcia identifies a single Victorian home that still stands along the route. Emily, Hotch and Hightower speed to the property and discover stashed cars in the trees. Garcia does a quick search on the car and gets a name: Mason Turner, a former medical student. And where does Mr. Turner live? “Looks like a farm,” Garcia says.

Seconds later, the team storms the farm with guns drawn. Stinking pig pens are filled with blood. Stacks of medical equipment line the walls. But it gets weirder. The team finds a quadriplegic man hooked up to a breathing machine. “Get the hell out of my house!” the sick man gasps. This bed-bound man is Mason Turner? Then who is the unsub? More importantly, WHERE is the unsub? Bedwell is furious. He demands to take Hightower back into custody.

But before everyone can start arguing, Derek discovers a bin behind the farmhouse filled with bloody shoes. “We said we were looking for 10 missings?” Derek asks. “There’s got to be over 100 shoes in that thing.” Bedwell wonders where the bodies might be. Spencer directs the team’s attention toward the pigs. “They’re carnivores,” boy wonder explains. “They’ll eat anything.” And he means ANYTHING.

We cut to the killer’s secret underground lair. The obese man grunts and shakes in the corner. Nearby, the prostitute, Kelly, pleads for her life and notices child-like drawings hung on the walls. The big lug clutches a cell phone. “Is someone supposed to call you?” Kelly gently asks. Cries the man-child: “He always calls!” Hmm.

Back at the farm, Rossi accuses Mason of being an accessory to the crimes. He notices mirrors all over the room — carefully placed so that the bed-bound man can see what is happening in adjacent rooms. “Some very bad things have happened here,” Rossi says. “How many victims were there? 100? More? Do you even know for sure?” Rossi demands to know the location of the “other guy.” To emphasize his point, he ominously places his hand on Mason’s breathing tube. “It was my brother, Lucas,” Mason explains. “He’s crazy. He did all of it.”

Rossi grabs a photo of Big Lucas and shows it to the team. The man is huge and, according to Mason, “inhumanely strong.” Mason urges the team to shoot first and ask questions later (or never). Rossi and Hotch, naturally, are suspicious. The next morning, Garcia arrives on the scene in order to search Mason’s laptop. The quadriplegic is not happy about the legal invasion of privacy. Derek, in the meantime, approaches Hightower. The sculpted BAU agent hands Hightower dog tags found in the bin of shoes — the same dog tags that Hightower gave to his beloved sister. Tears roll down the veteran’s face. Lee is dead.

Later, Spencer investigates the hay loft, where Lucas sleeps. “I doubt he’s psychotic,” Spencer tells Hotch. “There’s a collection of drawings up here that suggest autism or moderate mental retardation … It’s more likely he doesn’t fully understand the acts that he’s committed.” Garcia, in the meantime, discovers something very disturbing on Mason’s laptop. “They were doing experiments,” she tells Rossi. “He tried to fix himself.” Mason chuckles, saying no jury would convict him. After all, the quadriplegic hasn’t technically touched any of the victims — even he did direct attempts to study their spines. Hightower, meanwhile, seems to be growing quite angry at the sound of Mason’s taunting words.

Back in the cave, Kelly attempts to talk to her captor. “Mason says never know names!” Lucas cries. She talks sweetly and begs the man to let her use the restroom. Lucas agrees, bringing the woman out of the hole and into the woods. “I’m not leaving,” she says. “But I need some privacy.” As soon as Lucas is out of sight, Kelly takes the big lugs cell phone out of her pocket! She presses autodial and Mason’s phone suddenly starts ringing back at the farm house. Garcia answers. “I’m somewhere in the woods!” Kelly whispers. Suddenly, the phone goes dead! Rossi, Hotch and Spencer trace the call and race toward the signal. Lucas, in the meantime, discovers Kelly on the phone and drags her back to the cave. She attempts to calm Lucas as Hotch enters the underground lair. “This is the FBI!” he screams. Lucas rocks and weeps while Kelly is led to safety. Just then, Lucas begins to stand and the SWAT team opens fire. “No!” Derek screams — but it’s too late. The big lug is dead.

Back at the farmhouse, Mason has been left unsupervised and Hightower is only too happy to take advantage. He picks up a shotgun … and pumps the bad doctor full of lead. Mason grins as he dies.

As the season draws to a close, Hotch provides a voiceover. “Sometimes you do everything exactly right and you still feel like you failed,” he says. “And what about my team? How many more times will they be able to look into the abyss? How many more times before they won’t be able to recover the pieces of themselves that this job takes?” All good questions, but the answers will have to wait.

Hotch returns home to his lonely apartment and pours himself a stiff drink. Suddenly, a masked figure steps out of the darkness holding a huge gun. “You should have made a deal,” the intruder rasps. Then, BANG! The screen goes black.

To be continued …

Author: NickChor for IMDB