greys anatomy season finaleOk… after a very bumpy season five of Grey´s Anatomy, including all the Denny Duqette fiasco, Alex and Izzie Wedding, Alex Karev Wedding Vows, Grey´s Anatomy Graduation Speech, and many other significant moments in Grey´s Anatomy Season Five. The Season Finale got here.

In a post filled with Grey´s Anatomy spoilers

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Grey´s Anatomy Season Finale – Now Or Never

Voiceover Meredith told us things don’t always turn out the way you thought they would. “The house you were going to sell becomes your home. The roommates you were forced to take in become your family. And the one-night stand you were determined to forget becomes the love of your life.”

Derek was smiling in the morning because he figured out how to remove the tumor from Izzie’s brain. Newlyweds Alex and Izzie walked around the hospital and Izzie introduced Alex to her friends in the cancer ward.

Hunt told Cristina about a good session with his shrink, but he still hadn’t spoken with her about his mother, who lives just a few hours away and still thinks Hunt is in Iraq. A soldier who’d heard about Hunt came in with a mysterious pain in his leg. They didn’t know what to do and he asked the doctors to cut it off and fit him with a prosthetic so he could get back to Iraq. Callie didn’t want to cut off a healthy leg.

Arizona wanted to pull Bailey into pediatrics to treat another patient, but chief pulled her aside and called himself Santa Claus before introducing her to some high-tech surgical system called a “Da Vinci.”

Sloan hinted to Lexie that she should move in with him to a new condo, but she essentially shot him down. Sloan decided to take such a leap because “life is short — look what’s happening to Stevens.”

Derek told Izzie about the surgery he wanted to try, but there was a risk that she could lose her memory. Dr. Swender, Izzie’s primary oncologist, was against it and while she and Derek argued, Izzie closed her eyes and day dreamed about sitting on the beach with Denny. She talked with him about having kids with Alex.

Izzie wasn’t sure whether to have the surgery. She wanted Alex or her friends to decide for her, but they refused.

George asked the soldier guy why he wanted to go back to the war. He said the guys in Iraq were his real family, the only people who understood him. Swender showed Cristina some X-rays of a patient who had five surgeries for a brain tumor and several treatments the mets disappeared. Dr. Swender told Cristina that Izzie should be patient with her treatments. “Surgeons like to cut but sometimes there’s a better way,” Swender said.

Bailey played with the new “Da Vinci” like it was a video game. The chief told her about another doctor who was doing single-incision gall bladder removals through a belly button and she could try it.

Cristina showed Meredith the results Swender showed her from the brain tumor patient. Derek walked in and said nothing.

Derek put the right side of Izzie’s brain to sleep and asked her to remember some flash-card images (dog, plane, and house). Izzie couldn’t remember the cards. Then she couldn’t speak Mereidth’s name. Izzie began to look scared when Meredith asked her if she knew who Alex Karev was and Izzie couldn’t respond.

After the test, Swender and Derek continued to argue and left the decision to Izzie, who now had all her faculties. Derek and Alex walked out of the room to discuss it and when they left, Meredith closed the door and told Izzie, “You are not having this surgery.”

Alex asked Derek to talk straight with him and asked him, “What if it was Meredith?” Alex wanted Derek to tell him what to do. Derek said he would ask her to have the surgery.

Meredith, meanwhile, told Izzie how she couldn’t remember things during the test. Meredith told Izzie about Swender’s patient. She again told Izzie not have the surgery. Izzie talked to a patient, Allison, who had 15 surgeries and decided that was enough. Then, the I-L 2 worked and she no longer has her brain tumor.

Callie talked to Charlie the soldier about how risky cutting off his leg could be. He told Callie not to bother trying to scare him because nothing scares him any more.

Bailey successfully performed the single-incision gall bladder removal. Arizona realized she’d be on her own for the ped patient. Bailey was going to do another surgery with the new “Da Vinci” after lunch. Arizona got mad at the chief in a bizarre way that included crying. She said it was wrong for the chief to lure Bailey away from pediatrics with a robot. Arizona vowed to fight the chief and win. “Good luck,” he said with a laugh.

Alex went to Izzie’s room and learned that Izzie decided not to have the surgery. Alex got upset and yelled at Izzie, telling her she was having the surgery because Derek said she should.

Derek was yelling at Cristina for being unprofessional and interfering with Izzie’s treatment, but Meredith walked in and admitted she was the one who told Izzie not to have the surgery. Derek turned his anger toward Meredith, saying that as his resident she needed to go back in and change Izzie’s mind, “because this tumor will kill her.”

Hunt pulled Cristina into a room and told her his work in Iraq isn’t done, so he’s decided to go back. Cristina left. Charlie told George and Callie he was in Iraq because he was trying to help people and it was his job.

Izzie talked to Allison about her fight with Alex. Meredith told Cristina that Derek had a right to be mad at her about how she told Izzie about her options. They got a page and walked into the cancer ward to find Izzie pumping Allison’s chest. Allison was unconscious.

Hunt, George and Callie were performing the amputation on Charlie. Hunt and George had to convince Callie one last time that they were doing what Charlie wanted. She starting cutting.

Cristina and Swender were operating on Allison and Cristina said, “So much for I-L 2.” Swender got upset, saying that nothing was a guaranteed cure for cancer and that Allison lived for almost two years longer she was expected to.

Sloan explained to Lexie that he was asked her to move in with him. She said she’d love to eventually. In, like, 10 years. Sloan was thinking more like one year. Lexie asked Sloan if he was asking her to marry him. They decided, both laughing, to end the conversation.

Bailey was giddy from another surgery with the “Da Vinci,” then she told Bailey that her ped surgery went well, too. She told Bailey to stop by when Arizona gave the kid’s family the good news, so she could “see the joy.”

Meanwhile, Swender and Cristina were giving the bad news to Allison’s parents, who were told that Allison would likely not come off her ventilator.

Izzie went back to her happy place with Denny, but George showed up because she paged him. She asked him what she should do. He told her the back-and-forth was just fear and that she’d already made her decision when she decided to fight the cancer. Izzie went to Derek and told him to do it. “You can cut into my brain again,” she said, telling him she didn’t want to end up on a ventilator. She was going to sign a do not resuscitate order (a DNR).

Alex got mad at Izzie for signing the DNR. He reminded her how crazy it made her when Denny signed his DNR. She said she didn’t want to live if something went wrong in the surgery. She said she didn’t understand when Denny signed his DNR, but now she does. She told Alex, “If it comes down to it, just let me go.”

Meredith saw the whole scene and said, “I always thought it would be me,” meaning she thought she’d get Alzheimer’s like her mom and forget everyone. She asked Derek to go to City Hall with her the next day so they could get married. “I don’t want to spend another day not married to you,” she said.

Cristina told Hunt she didn’t want him to die.

Callie told Bailey she cut off a healthy leg. In the same room, Swender was lamenting the fact that her “miracle case” was on life support. Bailey took them to pediatrics so they could “see the joy,” and reminded them of why they do what they do. Swender and Callie both smiled on cue.

Hunt went to see his mom and brought Cristina with him. He told his mom, “I’m home,” and they hugged. Meanwhile, at an Army recruiting center, a doctor who said he needed to sign up immediately was enlisting. “Congratulations, doctor,” the recruiter said. “Welcome to the Army.” He reached out to shake the doctor’s hand. It was George, who shook the recruiter’s hand and said, “Thank you.”
Hour 2: The gang all slept in Izzie’s room and Bailey asked if there were any changes overnight. Izzie hadn’t woken up yet and Alex was getting worried.

Cristina noticed Hunt and George talking, and Hunt giving George a hug.

Arizona welcomed Bailey to the pediatric fellowship program and Bailey wasn’t particularly happy about the news. She walked out of the room without saying anything.

Alex sat next to Izzie, asking her to wake up. She muttered something, then Alex yelled at her to talk and say something. “I said I have a headache, stop yelling,” Izzie whispered. Alex yelled out for a nurse to page Derek.

Hunt was happy because he slept for the first time, and he told Cristina he hugged George because George had great news, but he said George would share his news. Hunt told Cristina he could be a better man with her now that he’d slept. He kissed her and left.

George went to tell Bailey his news, which he knew would make her mad. He told her he joined the Army to be a trauma surgeon and he reports for duty tomorrow. “You did what?!” Bailey shouted.

Cristina and Meredith wondered why Hunt would’ve hugged George. Cristina asked Meredith if she was better because of her therapy, if she was different. Meredith told Cristina she was getting married that day.

A patient came into the E.R. after getting hit by a bus. A woman said the man saved her life by throwing her out of the way. The man’s skull was smashed in. The woman Callie had already asked Sloan to take out of the room threw up after seeing the man’s smashed skull.

Izzie recited which day it was and where she was and why she was there. Then she asked, “Did you get the whole damn thing out?” Derek said he did. Izzie was relieved. Then, a few seconds later, Izzie started asking about the surgery again. They told her again. Then she asked about it all over again. Izzie was relieved (again) and wondered what was wrong with Alex, Cristina and Derek and why they weren’t celebrating. Alex looked at Derek and said nothing.

Derek tried to tell Alex that Izzie’s lack of memory was a normal post-op condition. “Did you screw up her brain?” Alex asked. Derek didn’t react, but said freaking Izzie out wasn’t going to help.

The bus crash patient went into some kind of shock and Meredith had to drill into the man’s head to relieve some blood pressure. He regained consciousness and Meredith welcomed him back.

Lexie talked to Sloan about the whole marriage and moving in together thing, but Sloan didn’t look her in the eye. Sloan was upset, saying he didn’t know this stuff, it wasn’t him. The exchange happened in front of the woman who was with the bus crash guy, and she advised Sloan to just buy his house if that’s what he wanted to do. She then said she was glad to help someone else’s love life, because she wasn’t good at managing her own. Then she pondered the fact that the man jumped in front of a bus for her.

Bailey was mad at Hunt for convincing him to join the Army. Everyone else heard this and was surprised. The bus crash guy coded again, but they got his heartbeat back. Bailey told Hunt to get George out of it.

Arizona asked Bailey why she didn’t seem happy about the pediatrics thing. Bailey didn’t respond. Instead, she went to join Callie, who had a plan to stop George from joining the Army. Arizona wondered why Callie would try to stop George from joining the Army. She thought it was “awesome.”

Callie and Bailey put together an intervention for 6 p.m., when all the doctors would meet George and stop him from joining the Army. Cristina was surprised by the news, saying, “He’s the guy who gets killed cleaning his own gun!” Bailey outlined everyone’s role: Meredith would coax him back as a loving friend, Crisina would use logic and reason, Izzie would make “sad, cancer eyes,” and if all that didn’t work, Alex would use his “I was raised out back with the trash cans roots and just beat the crap out of him.”

The bus crash patient appeared to be trying to communicate something by writing it out. The woman, Amanda, was outside his room. She told Meredith that they had 30 seconds of interaction before the bus hit the man, and she said she wasn’t even nice. Instead, she was looking around for a hotter guy to check out. But the man jumped in front of a bus. She called the man her “prince.” Meredith said she could stay until the surgery.

Arizona pressure Bailey about the pediatrics fellowship, and Bailey told her that her husband said he’d divorce her if she committed to yet another two years of long hours and all that comes with such a position. “It’s a big decision,” Bailey said.

Sloan told Derek he was thinking about buying a house. Derek told Sloan he and Meredith were going to City Hall to get married. Sloan hugged Derek and Meredith walked in, asking, “Why is everyone hugging today?”

Callie and Arizona got into another spat about the fact that Arizona said George’s decision to go to the Army was “awesome.”

In he bus crash patient’s surgery, the doctors chatted about whether they could jump in front of a bus. Then they started talking about George and whether he could handle going to war. Meredith suddenly told them all to shut up.

Alex was in Izzie’s room taping notes to her bed with details about her day to help her remember things. He told her about George joining the Army and she was shocked. Alex was pressuring Izzie to remember things and Cristina told him Izzie needed rest and he shouldn’t be barking orders at her like a caveman, but Alex snapped at Cristina. He told her that he promised Izzie she’d have a life after the surgery, so her future was on him.

Meredith told Amanda to go ahead and stand next to the bus crash guy. Meredith then went to ask Cristina about Izzie, then said she was heading to City Hall “to go do the thing.” Cristina said it didn’t seem like the day for it. Meredith said Alex was working so hard to show Izzie how much he loves her and she might never know. And Amanda was over in another room loving a man she didn’t even know. Meredith said she was going to marry Derek, because it was important to let people know how much you love them. Then she said, “I love you, Cristina Yang.” Cristina gave Meredith a hug.

Arizona confronted Callie and said she was a person who thought George’s decision was brave, and she watched her brother’s body unloaded from a plane, “and all we got was a flag.” She said her brother died in Iraq because they didn’t have enough doctors, which made her think what George was doing was “awesome.”

Hunt walked into the vent room and saw Cristina there. She told him she loves him. She said she didn’t want to love him, but she couldn’t breathe without him. He asked her to meet him half way.

Alex was still barking orders to Izzie and she played along for a little while but then told him to back off. Alex got upset again and Izzie told him to get it off his chest because she probably wouldn’t remember anyway. He started yelling about “some crock of a wedding” they got into only because they thought she “would be dead within a week.” He said he didn’t want to smother her with a pillow or leave her. He said he wasn’t as bad off as she was, “but not a freakin’ walk in the park, either.”

He apologized, then asked her if she forgot yet. “Nope,” she said. “Not yet. Give me a minute.”

Bailey went to the chief and asked for a spot in general surgery if there was still a spot for her. She told the chief about Tucker’s ultimatum and he assumed she chose her marriage over pediatrics. Bailey said she was leaving Tucker anyway, because she didn’t want a marriage that resorts to ultimatums. She said she was going to be a single mom, and that wasn’t the time for new specialities. She cried because it was the first time she said it out loud. The chief told her Tucker was probably just scared.

“We’re all scared,” she said. “If you’re not scared, you’re not paying attention.” She talked about George signing up to go to war, and Izzie not knowing which day it was is scary. She told the chief a pat on the back wasn’t going to help, so he offered to just stand there with her.

Sloan was looking at houses when Lexie walked into the room and scoffed. She thought he was just trying to make her second-guess her decision, but Sloan said he was moving on. “I’m a better woman than you,” he said.

Meredith and Derek were talking about when they’d go to City Hall and get married, with the John Doe from the bus crash going back to surgery, and checking on Izzie, and George’s intervention. They decided to write down their vows: To love each other even when they hate they hate each other. “No running, ever,” Derek said. “Nobody walks out, no matter what happens.” Meredith wanted a promise that they’d take care of each other when they’re old, senile and smelly. And if she gets Alzheimer’s, Derek promised to remind her who he is every day. They wrote it all down on a post-it note and signed it, and kissed.

Izzie told Cristina about what Alex said. Cristina looked around the room for the note that says what Alex said. Izzie was suddenly happy that she remembered it without having it written down anywhere.

Cristina then went to Hunt, kissed him and said, “Yes.” Then she raced to find Alex.

Callie went to get Bailey for George’s intervention and they asked the chief where George went. He told them that he sent George home to spend the day with his mom since he was going to be leaving for the Army.

Meredith went to prep the John Doe bus crash guy for surgery and she told Amanda she had to leave. Amanda was holding his hand and Meredith held it after Amanda left. The man started trying to write with his finger on Meredith’s palm and he spelled out “007” — Alex’s nickname for George. It was George!

Meredith gasped and shouted, “Oh God! Oh God!”

Cristina told Alex, “Way to go, dipwad. You tell your own wife you’re trying to figure out how to off her?” Alex told her to mind her own business, then asked how she knew. Cristina said Izzie told her and Alex was relieved. He went and apologized to Izzie, saying he didn’t meant. She knew he didn’t mean it. They hugged and Izzie suddenly lost consciousness. Alex yelled for Cristina.

At the same time, Meredith was screaming through the halls that John Doe was George and all the doctors jumped into action to try to save George.

The chief and Bailey went to Izzie’s room. Alex was trying to save Izzie, but Cristina reminded him that Izzie signed a DNR. He asked for a crash cart. “Screw the DNR,” the chief said, asking for the paddles.

The doctors fought to save Izzie as the screen flashed white and Izzie had a vision of herself from the infamous prom night episode, getting into the elevator in her big stain dress. But when the elevator doors opened, she saw George in an Army uniform. They smiled at each other as the doctors continued to try to save them.

Meanwhile, Voiceover Meredith reminded us to occasionally stop and acknowledge the people we love, and to “drink it in” because “it might all be gone tomorrow.”

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