cougar-town-s02e13-lost-children-spoilers-quotesOk, so Cougar Town is the best show with the worst name. And the ensemble cast from the show (Courteney Cox, Busy Phillips, Christa Miller, Ian Gomez, Dan Byrd and Josh Hopkins is great in the chemistry department. In this episode, When Travis can’t fix the TV in time for movie night, Jules invents a new hide and seek type of game for the cul-de-sac crew. Meanwhile, Ellie complains that they always have to do what Jules wants to do, Andy is angry at Grayson for talking smack, and the gang meets Bobby’s new friend.

Best Quotes from Cougar Town S02E13 – Lost Children

Bobby: Fix it T-Rex

Barb: You´ll be back. The filth is strong within you

Jules: I wanna feel smart and depressed about the world tonight, not dumb and happy as always

Andy: Who´s that dude
Ellie: Your wife
Andy: Is that Bobby´s shirt
Ellie: That´s right
Andy: Yeah I´ve had this dream

Laurie: This is Sam? I pictured him with less boobs

Bobby: See? That´s the pizza guy. He´s got manners… but no patience

Jules: Way to keep it weird Tom

Travis: Smart move boy toy

Laurie: I love me some beef and bubbles. Uh that should be our detective names. He´s Beef a grizzled ex marine with a secret. He´s a vegetarian. She´s Bubbles, his plucky hot partner with a secret of her own. She´s Beef´s daughter, and together they fight crime, and each week maybe they grow a little bit closer together
Bobby: I don´t know why I got chocked up

Laurie: So Beef why are you hiding your girlfriend from everybody?
Bobby: Get out of my grill Bubbles

Bobby: We talked crap about him when you were dating him too. We just did it behind your back

Ellie: I got your boy
Jules: Give me back my son
Travis: Mom, I´m scared

Tom: Why aren´t you at college?
Travis: You know Tom… I don´t know

Andy: Since I´m Cuban, it´s almost a hate crime

Grayson: I got Jules now
Andy: Yeah but you´re gonna blow that

Laurie: Thank God that was a butt numbathon

Laurie: Her face made me wanna box

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Good luck is also, that Cougar Town gets renewed for season three.