recovery-high-vanguard-currentI have been telling you lately a lot about documentaries from Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis to Superheroes to Psychic in Suburbia to 50 documentaries to see before you die. Well, since Current TV and Vanguard have us used to good documentaries; and in this case Recovery High is not the exception. “Recovery High,” the season finale of Current TV’s award winning investigative series “Vanguard,” airing Monday, August 8 at 9:00 PM ET/PT. This episode takes you behind the scenes of North Shore Recovery High, a school designed to meet the needs of students struggling with dependency issues. For many students, their time at Recovery High is their last chance at overcoming addiction.

On this episode, Vanguard documents a year in the life of a public high school outside Boston dedicated to serving drug-addicted teenagers through the eyes of the school principal and several students. Most of the students at Recovery High are under 18-years-old and are in the most intense stages of addiction.  After being kicked out of their parents’ homes and facing the hardest consequences of their behavior, these students return time and time again to Recovery High for the help they desperately need.

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