How to Make it in San Francisco: Visiting Yosemite tower tours As I have been telling you when talking about this trip I made to Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco to tell you the best places to visit if you want to go to the biggest entertainment cities in the world. Of course, I started with those three.

I already told you I went to San Francisco and loved it. Now I´m telling you another reason why: From San Francisco you can take a one day tour (around 13 hours) to Yosemite.

I was kindly invited by Tower Tours to join them in one of these 13 hours tours to Yosemite and really enjoyed it. I´ll tell you why.

First of all: Let me just clarify that I was invited to join the tour but this article was not purchased and it is based solely on my experience on the tour.

Ten things to love about Yosemite Tour from Tower Tours:

1- You get to spend the whole day in nature:

Many people is on a daily dosage of citiness everywhere, and having the chance to escape a bit and get in touch with nature is just like an oasis in the middle of a perhaps hectic week or month. Since you take only one day out from your schedule, but the effects of it last longer, it´s a very nice way to get in touch with nature.

2- You get to see some huge natural landmarks of the United States:

How to Make it in San Francisco: Visiting Yosemite tower toursYou will have the chance to visit and wow upon the views of Bridal Veil Falls, El Capitan, Half Dome, Merced River and Valley Views

3- Tower Tours guide knows a lot and has good mood:

Perhaps it was just my tour, I don´t know about that. But our tour was someone who knew what he was talking about and he was funny. Let´s remember that´s someone you spend over ten hours of the day with.

4- The trip from and to Yosemite:

You get to see a lot on the way and on the way back. You even stop at a little shop that has a petting zoo and a crazy as hell parrot that will make your day.

5- The Prize:

Paying 139 dollars for the tour is some money very well spent (seniors and childs have lower rates).

6- Naturist food:

You get to eat at the Yosemite restaurant and you will find a lot of natural foods there. My recommendation: Do not miss the soup! Then compliment it with whatever you like… but make sure to take a bowl of soup.

How to Make it in San Francisco: Visiting Yosemite tower tours 7- Fauna:

I saw bears, squirrels, different birds, and many many more animals running free. If you bring your kids there, you´ll have a great family time.

8- The views and the pictures:

You need to bring your camera with lots of space. You will want to take tons of pictures. Imagine, I went alone and took 425 photos. (That´s right, I´m a reporter), but if you go with family you´ll want to remember.

9- The walking circuits, bike circuits, volunteers and info booths:

There are a lot of activities for you to do at Yosemite: there are several walking circuits to take and visit the waterfalls, or bike around. You can ask the volunteers and rangers who are excellent and very well trained, and there are also a lot of information on different booths for you to read and learn.

10- The Movie and series history:

A lot of movies have been filmed at Yosemite, to name only a few:

Just Jim with Harry Carey in 1915
Seeing America by Edward Curtis in 1916
Cupid Angling with Ruth Roland in 1918
Smouldering Fires with Pauline Frederick in 1925
Thrill of a Romance with Van Johnson in 1945
The Caine Mutiny with Humphrey Bogart in 1954
The Long Long Trailer with Lucille Ball in 1954
Forever Darling with Lucille Ball in 1955
The Eiger Sanction with Clint Eastwood in 1970
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier with William Shatner and Leonard Minoy in 1988
The Great Outdoors with Chevy Chase in 1989
The Giant of Thunder Mountain with Cloris Leachman in 1991
Maverick with Mel Gibson in 1993

What do you think about this tours to Yosemite? Let me know in the comments section.

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