dexter-season-six-premiere-quotes-spoilersI had the chance to watch the season premiere of Dexter called Those Kinds of Things upfront, and the move to having a new babysitter, and new villains, but also having Dexter Morgan getting used to some new life, after Rita was killed, and Lumen left.

Now, a new season of Dexter arrived, and it´s all we´ve been waiting for. I waited a whole week until I posted this because it is so good I wanted to give everybody enough time not to be spoiled. Now I guess it´s fair game.

What is Dexter Season Six Premiere Those Kinds of Things About? Plot

Dexter shows up at his 20th high-school reunion with the intention of confronting the former prom king. Elsewhere, an investigation into a heinous murder with religious overtones leads Dexter to ponder spiritual matters and wonder about his son’s legacy. And an unexpected situation results in Debra becoming a hero.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Dexter Season Six Premiere Those Kinds of Things

Dexter: Camouflage is nature´s craftiest trick

Dexter: Don´t be sorry, your darkness is gone. I´ll carry it for you, always

Dexter: Wishes of course are for children

Dexter: I´ve been stabbed, please I need help

Dexter; Hello Ben, hello Roger, you know it´s wrong what you´ve been doing

Dexter: I´ve learned that periods of darkness can overcome us anytime, but I also learned that I´m able to endure, overcome, and in the process grow stronger, smarter, better. All is well on my little corner of the world

Dexter: Hey buddy, big day for you tomorrow, I guess we are all moving on

Sister: What fo you believe in mister Morgan?
Dexter: Nothing

Deputy Chief Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Captain Laguerta
Dexter: Another person moving forward

Deputy Chief Matthews: Watch your step Maria, you are playing with the big boys now

Angel Batista: The future looks very bright

Dexter: Who is all those people?
Debra: The future of boring
Dexter: oh

Debra: You are hoping to get laid
Dexter: Yeah, you are right

Dexter: It´s a miracle I graduated without killing anyone

Dexter: It makes it difficult flying under the radar
Harry: So you fly a little higher

Dexter: I don´t know what Hammertime is, or why is it different from regular time

Dexter: Even a coffin corner isn´t as fun as you´d think

Debra: You are being weird
Quinn: You are being weird
Debra: Ok, now you are being weird and stupid

Dexter: Hi, sister I wanted to apologize. I didn´t want to come as indiferent; I´m just ignorant

Quinn: Your guy just fainted
Dexter: It´s not a good sign for a Crime Scene Investigator
Masuka: Good bye big guy, hello runner up, little miss hottie

Dexter: Stop talking Dexter

Dexter: Why did you kill Janet?

Dexter: Sorry, Hammertime

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