Another one of these articles. We will be reviewing when do shows comeback and when do shows premiere on several networks, before doing our traditional Comeback calendar spring 2011 edition (That is coming soon)
We did it already with AMC shows like The Killing, then Bravo premiere dates, followed by Current TV premiere dates, Sundance Channel premiere dates, WeTV premiere dates and Starz premiere dates. Now it´s DIY Network time.

New DIY Network Series Extra Yardage premieres Tuesday, April 5 at 10:30pm ET

Extra Yardage is a half-hour landscaping series that transforms neglected decks, patios and yards into world-class outdoor entertainment spaces using the latest designs, materials and concepts.  Host Billy Derian is a hands-on master landscape designer and builder with an eye for big-time transformations.  From outdoor kitchens to sports-bar-themed spaces, to outdoor theaters and beyond, Billy gives you a new look at life outside the box.

New DIY Network Series Yard Attack premieres Friday, April 1 at 9:00pm ET

Yard Attack! is a half-hour landscape makeover series that dares to deliver some of the biggest, fastest and most dramatic landscape transformations ever seen on DIY Network. And the renovation team will do it in just one hour. The one-hour miracle makeovers will then be carefully crafted to fit the show’s 30-minute format by stringing together the hottest moments into a fast-paced, viewer-friendly experience.

New Season of DIY Network Series 10 Grand on Your Hands Season five premieres April 6th at 9:30pm ET

Every week on 10 Grand in Your Hand, DIY Network shows real homeowners how to cut up to $10,000 from their renovation and remodeling projects. Repeat: DIY Network will save homeowners up to $10,000 in cash. In this original series, DIY Network comes into a renovation or remodeling project at the beginning, offering homeowners smart advice on new materials and technologies, plus essential how-to info on doing some of the basic work themselves. Homeowners are amazed how much we can shave off their total budget, leaving serious cash available to spend on another project, a vacation or a new toy.

New Season of DIY Network Series Desperate Landscapes premieres April 6th at 10:00pm ET

Your home can have the most beautifully decorated interior; but without curb appeal, your family may become the scourge of the neighborhood. But who’s got the time to trim those out-of-control bushes, repave that cracked walkway and paint the porch? Fortunately, DIY Network has the time. In Desperate Landscapes, licensed general contractor Jason Cameron comes to a lucky viewer’s home armed with a wheelbarrow full of creative solutions to the toughest landscaping problems. In one day Jason and his team of DIY Network experts can transform even the most desperate landscape into a showplace sure to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

New Season of DIY Network Series House Crashers Season four premieres April 4th at 8:00pm ET

DIY Network builds on the success of its hit show Yard Crashers by taking this series inside. House Crashers is ambush renovation at its best. Licensed contractor Josh Temple stalks a big-box home improvement store looking for unsuspecting weekend warriors and then follows them home with a large crew of experts in tow. Watch as stunned homeowners who journeyed into the store to fix a simple leaky faucet end up winning the remodeling lottery with dramatic, eye-popping room transformations.

New Season of DIY Network Series Indoors Out Premieres April 5th at 10:00pm ET

How do you expand a home’s square footage without expanding the home? It’s easy: Build an outdoor room, one of the biggest trends in home improvement. On DIY Network’s Indoors Out, stonemasons and licensed contractors Dean Marsico and Derek Stearns lead a crew of carpenters, landscapers and stonemasons to build unique, functional and eye-popping spaces outside the box. From outdoor TVs to spa showers to fully outfitted kitchens, Indoors Out makes great TV.

New Season of DIY Network Series King of Dirt Season three premieres April 8th at 10:00pm ET

Gino Panaro is DIY Network’s King of Dirt. He’s definitely not what you’d expect from one of America’s premier landscape contractors. He’s a loud, bull-in-a-china-shop, Brooklyn-born guy who happens to create incredible beauty. For his landscape designs, Gino doesn’t use a computer or fake graphic technology. Instead, he relies on his imagination, his hands and the help of his brother Ralph, who works with him in a family landscape business to create some of the most beautiful, high-end landscapes and hardscapes you’ll ever see. Together they star in DIY Network’s new series, King of Dirt, full of big personalities and even bigger insider ideas on how to make over outdoor spaces.

New Season of DIY Network Series Kitchen Impossible Season six premieres April 5th at 9:00pm ET

When it comes to a kitchen, renovation can literally bring down the house. Homeowners want a showplace but often end up overwhelmed, out of money and frustrated with the process of overhauling their kitchen. On DIY Network’s Kitchen Impossible, carpenter and electrician Marc Bartolomeo works with homeowners to achieve the kitchen they always wanted. But getting the job done right can mean changing plans or ripping out existing construction. Our cameras are there to capture the twists and turns that come with home improvement. In the end, Marc shows homeowners that with a little work and ingenuity, getting their dream kitchen is never impossible.

New Season of DIY Network Series Money Hunters Season two premieres April 6th at 8:30pm ET

There’s money in your next home renovation…and DIY Network’s Money Hunters, Matt Blashaw and Deanne Bell, help you find it. They work alongside real-life homeowners to deliver the best damn renovation their budget can buy, using innovative solutions, smart shopping options and tricks of the trade. Those who stick to the Money Hunters plan get a killer makeover they never thought possible.

New Season of DIY Network Series Run My Renovation Season two premieres April 7th at 9:00pm ET

DIY Network’s Run My Renovation is the first-ever home renovation television series that puts online users in charge. It’s design by democracy.  Across 13 episodes featuring different homeowners and rooms in their homes, visitors decide which lighting, flooring and other elements are actually installed. Even if the homeowners don’t like the product choices or designs, they work with expert hosts, John DeSilvia and Joanie Dodds, to bring them to life in their personal spaces. Packed with drama and plenty of home improvement know-how, Run My Renovation is interactive television viewing at its best.

New Season of DIY Network Series Renovation Rookies Premieres April 2nd at 8:30pm ET

Doing a major renovation yourself can be a dream, but often finishing it might be a nightmare. Over five episodes, Renovation Virgins follows a family as they crack through rocky terrain, battle the elements, build on extreme angles, and watch as their money is stretched to the max all to do their ultimate renovation.

New Season of DIY Network Series Sweat Equity Premieres March 30TH at 9:00pm ET

No matter what the economic conditions, DIY Network’s Sweat Equity can help homeowners determine which home improvement projects are the smartest. Is it better to install new kitchen cabinets or just reface the old ones? Are granite countertops really worth the cost? Should you put more money into the bathroom or your kitchen? Licensed contractor Amy Matthews and her team of DIY Network experts help homeowners make the right decisions and tackle these projects themselves.

New Season of DIY Network Series Turf Wars Premieres April 11th at 10:00pm ET

Two neighbors…two landscape experts…two yards…one super-sized Turf War. Licensed landscape contractor Ahmed Hassan hosts this action-packed series full of competition and jaw-dropping landscape ideas as two teams drastically overhaul their yards in just two days using surprise building materials and a lot of help from their friends. When time is up, a panel of judges consisting of next door neighbors decides who wins the Turf War title and a grand prize.

New Season of DIY Network Series Yard Crashers Premieres April 7TH at 10:00pm ET

You never know what you’ll be bringing home from the home improvement store. You go in for grass seed but come home with new patio chairs and a bag of cement. If you’re lucky enough, you could also bring home a professional landscape contractor. On DIY Network’s Yard Crashers, licensed landscape contractor Ahmed Hassan waits at stores looking for the perfect weekend warriors who could definitely use his help. Once he finds his target, Ahmed and his team follow the surprised shoppers home and completely transform their yards.

Other Shows returning on DIY Network

Ask This Old House 823-826 (beginning 3/29 at 8p)

Bath Crashers 213 (premieres 3/28 at 8:30p)

So far that´s a lot to watch on DIY Network. I´ll update this article with more news to come.

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