dr-phil-cancelled-renewedIn making the lists of renewed shows of 2013 and cancelled shows of 2013 we also have to add the syndication front, and this one was expected over there: Dr Phil gets renewed for three more seasons through 2016-2017. This renewal order for Dr Phil means the show will reach its fifteenth anniversary. Not bad, huh? Joe DiSalvo, President of Sales at CBS Television Distribution said in the official statement: “Stations have really sat up and taken notice of the fact that Dr. Phil is the best news lead-in in the marketplace today”. The veteran talk show is averaging well over 4 million viewers a week, giving Dr Phil McGraw´s show credit and health to go these three more seasons without problem.

In over three quarter of the US Markets, show is well distributed and perhaps could aim at closing in the one hundred. Dr Phil debuted in 2002 after Dr Phil McGraw had a successful stint in The Oprah Winfrey Show. Now, he´s been on the air for eleven years, and after this contract is up, will be fifteen.

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