Suits-harvey-specter-harveyisms-quotesHarvey Spector is not only the best closer in all of New York, he is cool as can be. The lawyer played by Gabriel Macht in USA´s Suits have been on air just a bit shy of two full seasons, and he has already given us plenty of awesome quotes and moments, or what we could call Harvey-isms. Harvey Specter is a Senior Partner at Pearson-Hardman, a top law firm in Manhattan. Harvey worked as an Assistant District Attorney where he met Donna Paulsen, who later became his assistant at Pearson – Hardman.

And here, a list of some of the best Harvey-isms and quotes from Suits´ Harvey Spector.

Suits Harvey-isms and best quotes from Harvey Spector

Mike Ross: Oh, and you don’t give a damn about the client, right?
Harvey Specter: It’s not my job.
Mike Ross: Does your job include giving a damn about me, because the least you could do is offer to stand up to Louis for me.
Harvey Specter: Stand up for you? I put my ass on the line for you. But it turns out you may have had the balls to get this job, but you don’t have the courage to stick it out when it gets tough.

Harvey Specter: So I’d say the ball’s in your court, but the truth is your balls are in my fist. Now I apologize if that image is too pansy for you, but I’m comfortable enough with my manhood to put it out there.

Harvey Specter: So if you wanna quit, go ahead. But this isn’t because of Louis, and it isn’t because of me. It’s because you’re afraid you might have to admit you’re not as smart as you think you are.

Harvey Specter: Something told me you’d need it, and by something, I mean common sense. And by need it, I mean you’re an idiot.

Harvey Specter: You think this happens if you walk in here in a t-shirt and jeans?

Harvey Specter: Pick a card in your mind. Any card.
Mike Ross: What, okay, what now are you gonna tell me what the card is?
Harvey Specter: I’m going to tell you what it isn’t. It’s not one of the fifty-two cards in the deck. Because you think you’re smarter than me, it’s a baseball card or football card. Or it’s the joker. I told you this before and I’m going to tell you again, I don’t play the odds, I play the man.

Harvey Specter: It’s not bragging if it’s true.

Harvey Specter: You ambushed me with a cup of coffee.

Harvey Specter: I’m not gonna fire you, Donna. I might kill you, but I’m not gonna fire you.

Harvey Specter: Don’t be cocky. It doesn’t look good.
Mike Ross: [clears throat]
Harvey Specter: On you. I can pull it off.

Mike Ross: We gonna cross the line with this?
Harvey Specter: We’ve been crossing lines long before we even ever met.

Harvey Specter: Winners don´t blame the ball, or the rim, or the wind speed.

Harvey Specter: Excuses don´t win championships
Mike Ross: Oh yeah, did Michael Jordan tell you that?
Harvey: No, I told him that.

Harvey Specter: Dead or alive, Derek is a dick.

Mike Ross: Harvey, what did you do?
Harvey Specter: My Job.

Harvey Specter: No one wins if we go to war.

Harvey Specter: Robert, play all the golf you want to, judge Benjamin is not gonna get you out of this one.

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