barney stinsonIf you want to dress in style, you will most times than not look at what the stars are wearing, and that is dressing in style TV style. Ever since the gods and godesses of Hollywood to the new stars, they are trendsetters. After all, how many women wore the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle when she was a Charlie´s Angel? How many men wore the suits Don Johnson style when Division Miami was atop? Tons, right?

Well, for you to dress in TV style, you can go two different ways. You either find yourself an amazing local shirt maker who helps you get your awesome shirt and suit for the event you need… or… you geek yourself up and wear TV t-shirts.

Now, let´s see some tips on how to choose your path:

1- Do you normally go to social events, where you need some formality? You should have some shirts, suits, a nice pair of shoes and a couple of ties. Go classic as much as possible if you will only have one suit. Those babies never go out of style. Of course, if you have several, only then should you start following trends.
Consider your body type more than trends and fashion. So slim fit is this year In? How does that look on you? That´s way more important… how do you feel in it?

Always consider getting modifications to better fit to your body. A frumpy suit is the worse kind of clothes anyone can wear and try looking professional. A well fit suit is the best; so there´s a fine line in that ying and yang of how you look. Just a few modifications to either loosen or tighten up the suit, or maybe shorten the legs of the pants, or stuff like that.

2- Do you normally wear informal attire and like to transition from different activities without changing yourself? Get a few T-Shirts of your favorite shows, specially those which are funny but not too over the top. Every single store have some of those, go check the offers and get them. A nice number of t-shirts for your wardrobe is about 20-30. So you don´t repeat too much, and you also don´t wear them down so fast.

I hope some of these tips can help… but if you need more inspiration, you can check out my Pinboard for more TV related contents. See you over there too.