IL1001_Robert-Irvine-Owners.jpg.rend.snigalleryslideLast week Restaurant Impossible came back for a new season, with season ten; and what people like about the show is that it´s not just about restaurant makeovers. Sometimes, Chef Robert Irvine goes all the way and does a makeover of the relationships between a couple, or families. Watching the episode you see that Irvine does not only take care of the business side of the restaurant, he´s always adamant in saying that if the relationship´s not working, the restaurant can´t work, or that if they manage to fix the relationship, fixing the restaurant is then easy.
I talked about that finding with a friend who also watches the show, and he told me “When we found West Palm Beach marriage counseling, it was the right fit for us“. I, of course agreed with him, there´s nothing like professional help, especially if it turns out to be a good fit, but sometimes people are hesitant about looking for professional help, as it would mean something wrong, like you can´t do it yourself or something. And that´s when I think this figures like Chef Irvine or whoever has a position to be a respected opinion can work wonders, in that first step towards the right direction.

It´s not a replacement, but can be a good kickoff towards change. After getting to that realization I started watching that genre of show in that way, and most makeover shows, wether it´s Hotel Impossible with Anthony Melchiorri, or What Not To Wear with Clinton And Stacy, it´s the same, they try to fix first the people, and then, only then, move towards the changes that are needed in terms of the show´s mantra.

This article is not a tip, or an advice, it´s just an observation… Let me know your thought, am I missing the point too much?