episodes-s01e06-spoilers-quotes-matt-leblancMatt Leblanc is back… and now he plays himself in the new Showtime show Episodes.

A new episode of Episodes called Episode Six (Nice jiggle puzzle there).  Convinced that Sean is having an affair with Morning, Beverly packs a bag and leaves, intending to head back to London. However, in her distress, she is unaware that she’s driving on the left side of the road. Beverly doesn’t realize her mistake until she has a head-on collision – a collision which leads her down a road with even more dire consequences.

Best Quotes from Episodes S01E06 Episode Six

Beverly: Do you have pre rolled joints in your purse?
Carol: Yeah well, I also have tampons in my purse but I only use them once a month

Carol: Merc´s just one of those guys. Sometimes he needs to be reminded of the people he loves
Beverly: Back on you?
Carol: Oh so what?

Morning: Don´t bullshit a bullshitter

Morning: You don´t shit where you eat
Sean: How about toilets in restaurants?

Beverly: This isn´t about the fucking show

Sean: I have no interest on her whatsoever
Beverly: I saw you wanking on her the other night

Matt: Oh, come on! You?

Beverly: I am not speaking with him
Matt: If you want to teach him a lesson, why not driving him?

Sean: There´s nothing going on between me and Morning
Merc: I wouldn´t blame you if you are

Merc: You and me, we are the last of the good guys

Recap from Episodes S01E06 Episode Six

Recap by DetectiveBriscoe

As Matt and Morning get primped on set, Bev glares at them. Matt assures Morning that Bev is just mostly hating him and she’s just getting co-hated.

Carol arrives and asks Bev if she’s trying to kill Morning with her mind. It’s not working.

When Morning starts worrying that Carol hates her, too, Matt tells Morning she crazy and asks how many diet pills she had today.

Bev tells Carol about catching Sean wanking to Morning’s sex tape last night. Carol knows the tape — Merc used to make them watch it because “it helped him.”

Sean comes over to the women.

Carol asks Bev if she’d like to get lunch on her day off tomorrow — with Merc. Carol says there’s a chance Merc may have cooled on the show.

The next day at his house, Sean gets ready to go surfing when Morning pulls up. She wants to talk to Bev because she’s worried she hates her.

Sean tries to stop her, saying she’s just a little jealous. Morning can’t possibly understand why. Sean says he might not have helped things by telling her about their “moment” at the dinner. Morning has no idea what he’s talking about.

“Are you being funny? I can’t tell when you’re being funny,” she says.

He reminds her about when she asked for a ride home after the charity thing. She tells him it wasn’t a moment, she was too drunk to drive. Besides, she lives with her boyfriend. And she’d never hook up with her boss.

She wants to talk to Bev about things. Sean says that’s not how British people work.

“Our people don’t like talking about stuff. We prefer suppressing the stuff and letting it fester. It’s kind of our thing,” he says.

Sean assures Morning that talking to Bev will only make things worse.

Bev looks out the window and is stunned to see Morning in her driveway, talking to Sean.

He tells her to just let it go until they’re done shooting the next day. Bev watches, but can’t hear that Morning is only worried about losing her job.

Sean and Morning hug, which looks awful to Bev, but Morning follows up by telling him it also wasn’t a moment. When Sean comes inside, Bev is packing.

She announces she’s going home. (We’re back to the first episode.)

He tells her they only have a week of shooting left. He thinks it’s about the show and has no idea what’s really going on.

She finally tells him she saw him wanking to Morning the other night. He tries to explain. She says she saw Morning there just now. He’s trying to explain what was going on, but she can’t hear him over the leaf blower. As he’s trying to get the guy to turn it off, Bev gets in her car and drives off down the wrong side of the road.

Matt comes toward the house, losing the battle with his voice activated call phone to call “Bob” and gets “Mom” instead. He and Bev crash almost head on.

Matt gets out and sees his car is wrecked. He very calmly asks her if she’s OK, checking that she’s not light headed or anything is broken. He waits until she’s out of the car and OK and then shouts “who the f—- drives like that?”

Bev can only meekly protest that she confused her countries.

Matt was coming to go dirt bike racing with Sean.

Sean calls Bev and she ignores it. Then he calls Matt and says he has to cancel. He says he had a fight with Bev.

Matt doesn’t say anything about Bev standing right there as Sean says she packed a bag and left.

As Matt and Bev are standing next to their wrecked cars, a star tour bus comes by and see Matt. The driver gives him the “How you doing?” and asks if he’s ever going to work again.

Matt calls his assistant to deal with the crash, but notices Bev is bleeding down her forehead.

Sean calls Bev from outside the lunch with Merc, assuring there is nothing going on with him and Morning other than some “garden variety masturbation.”

Matt takes Bev back to her house and stops her bleeding. He offers her a drink.

She tells him she was going back to London and the show can’t get worse without her. He thinks it’s good.

She says it’s not smart or unique enough.

She tells Matt about Sean having lunch with Merc.

“It’s really not good?” Matt asks.

Bev explains that their show was originally about a witty, urbane head master and now it stars “Joey” as a hockey coach. She tells him every change they’ve made has been his fault.

Sean leaves another message for Bev as Marc arrives.

Sean tries to tell Merc that the show is going well and the hockey coach idea is working. Merc seems uninterested. Then he asks Sean if he could see Matt as a conman, in a one-hour comedy drama.

Merc excuses himself to go hug somebody.

Watching the ocean, Matt tells Bev he really wanted the show to work. Bev says they could go back to the original script and recast.

Matt tells Bev they sent him a script about a con man.

Bev says she knows about Sean and Morning, and tells Matt not to bother saying nothing’s going on. She worries that she’ll come out like a bitch in the situation, which she doesn’t think she is. She says she thinks it just means she has integrity.

“Right, that’s why people always say ‘She’s such a f—- person with integrity,'” Matt says.

At lunch, Merc babbles about feta cheese. Then he asks if his wife knows about the thing with him and Morning.

Flash back to Carol astride Merc, who seems barely aware that someone is having sex with him. His tie is still on and he’s checking his Blackberry. He doesn’t want to have lunch with them and demands to know one interesting thing about them. Carol tells him he might be screwing Morning.

Sean insists there’s nothing going with Morning. Merc says he’s been there. He advises him not to do anything with Morning. Merc says he’d never cheat on his wife because they have a great thing.

Bev asks Matt if he’s ever been cheated on. She asks why he cheated. He says he wasn’t thinking.

Bev suddenly says Matt taught Sean well. She asks why he invited Sean and Morning to the benefit when he had two tickets.

Sitting on the couch, Bev starts blaming him. She kicks him. He lets her for awhile, then pins her down to make her stop.

Then, with him on top of her, holding her hands, she asks if she feels what she thinks she feels. Bev insists Matt’s disgusting, but doesn’t seem to believe it.

He tells her to say stop if she wants.

As he gets excited, she senses that the rumors about him being fabulously well-endowed are true.

She says stop, then kisses him.

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