Laura-Prepon-Chelsea-Handler-Interview-Are You There, Chelsea?I had the great opportunity to talk with Chelsea Handler and Laura Prepon about the upcoming sitcom Are You There, Chelsea? based upon Chelsea´s book “Are You There, Vodka? It´s me Chelsea”, and I had the chance to talk with both ladies.

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Here are some of the best quotes from Laura Prepon and Chelsea Handler on the interview about Are You There, Chelsea? but you can also watch the complete video of my interview with Chelsea Handler and Laura Prepon.

Quotes from Laura Prepon and Chelsea Handler on the interview about Are You There, Chelsea?

Laura Prepon: People will enjoy it because it´s about a girl who is in this time of her life when she is embracing life. She´s very open to her experiences.
It´s a show where people can relate to.

Chelsea Handler: It´s a change for me, it´s fun because I can be on network television. It´s a lot different. She (Laura Prepon) has lot more experience, so I thought it would be good that she plays me, and I play someone else smaller, so I don´t have to be there often.
There are lot more rules in network television, and I´m not good at following rules. I´m learning slowly. But we are breaking some rules, which is good.

Laura Prepon, About the differences and similarities between Chelsea Newman and Donna Pinciotti from That´s 70 Show: I can see why you can compare the two, but they are tw completely different characters in complete different times of their lives, which is cool. You know, people related to Donna for many reasons, Donna was a very down to earth character, she was a guys girl, girls can relate to her, guys kinda love being around her; Chelsea is the same in that way, not the typical girly girl, and she´s a great character to play.

Chelsea: Her character likes to sleep around, just like another Chelsea we know.

Laura Prepon: We have some great guest stars coming up, Wilmer Valderrama being one of them. We have a lot of great guest stars.

Laura Prepon: When I talk about 70´s (That´s 70 Show), the main success for the show was the characters and the relationships between them, and the fact that you could´ve put us in any decade and it wouldn´t have mattered. People tuned in to watch the people and the relationships that happened; ad this show is very similar in that way and I had the same feeling about it when doing it, in the way that these character care about each other… Our setting are great, but you come back for the people and the relationships.

Laura Prepon: People are going to love the characters.

Chelsea Handler on playing her own sister: I love it! No one else would´ve cast me as a born again Christian with brown hair who gives birth… Those are three things that would never happen to me in real life: Becoming a brunette, unless I let my roots come out; having a baby, or becoming a born again Christian, so it´s really fun for me not to play myself. I´ve been myself for a long time, so I´m over her, and Laura is doing a great job of making me look more palatable for viewers in this country.

Laura Prepon on playing Chelsea Handler: It´s great, because it´s playing a different girl that´s on tv right now.

Laura Prepon: We wouldn´t have gotten away with this five years ago, and now we do. I think audiences are ready for us.

Laura Prepon: It´s fun quirky people that you´d want to hang out every week.

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