Now we are going to take a look at Second Chance review it and see what to expect from Fox´s new show. A show that started as The Frankenstein Code and then was renamed Looking Glass, but then has settled for premiere time as 80´s romantic comedy style of name in “Second Chance”. I really hope those name changes don´t affect the show´s performance too much as the show has good pedigree and is starred by Tim DeKay from White Collar alongside Adhir Kalyan, Vanessa Lengies, Dilshad Vadsaria, Rob Kazinsky and Ciara Bravo.

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SECOND CHANCE: Rob Kazinsky as Jimmy Pritchard. SECOND CHANCE premieres Wednesday, Jan. 13 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Justin Stephens/FOX

Second Chance Synopsis

Seventy-five-year-old JIMMY PRITCHARD (guest star Philip Baker Hall, “Modern Family,” “Magnolia”) is a shell of his former self. A drinker, a womanizer and a father who always put work before family, Pritchard was forced to resign as L.A. County Sheriff for corrupt conduct more than a decade ago. Now, some 15 unkind years later, he is killed when he stumbles upon a robbery at the home of FBI Agent DUVAL PRITCHARD (Tim DeKay, “White Collar”), one of his two children. But death is surprisingly short for Jimmy, who is brought back to life by billionaire tech-genius twins MARY GOODWIN (Dilshad Vadsaria, “Revenge”) and her brother, OTTO (Adhir Kalyan, “Rules of Engagement”), founders of a social networking empire.
Resurrected as a younger, better version of himself, with physical abilities of which he never dreamed, a re-animated Pritchard (Rob Kazinsky, “True Blood”) is given a second chance at life. What will he do with it? Will he try to repair the damage he did to his family? Will he embrace a new sense of purpose or fall prey to old temptations?

Second Chance Review of Pilot: A Suitable Donor

The show starts with a question: What would you do if you had a second chance? And second chances sometimes can be a monster.
The show starts with DeKay coming to see his father, establish the relationship between the two as father and son, and also to establish the characters. How Jimmy thinks Duval is not doing very good in his job as an FBI agent, and also how Jimmy is kind of a douche.
Then we go to Lookinglass Technologies, the billionaire brother and sisters´ company, and how they have done an experiment bringing fishes back to life. An experiment that worked.
So far the episode works perfect as an introductory pilot setting the tone. And then Jimmy Pritchard gets killed… but it is shown as a suicide.

Also we learn that Mary Goodwin is dying from cancer, and that is why Otto is into the bringing back to life experiments. And so it begins…

And we are into the ten minute mark. I won´t go ahead as not to spoil anything in this Second Chance review, but I will end with this: The show seems pretty good (I´ve watched up until episode four so far, courtesy of Fox PR department), I am just worried that the name is a bit misleading and will drive people away from tuning in in the first place.

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